Who Is Brooke Hyland Dating

Title: Who Is Brooke Hyland Dating? 7 Interesting Facts Revealed


Brooke Hyland is a well-known American dancer, singer, and reality TV star who gained immense popularity through her appearance on the hit show Dance Moms. While her talents and accomplishments are widely recognized, fans are often curious about her personal life, particularly her dating status. In this article, we will delve into the topic of who Brooke Hyland is dating, along with seven interesting facts about her. Additionally, we will provide answers to fifteen common questions regarding her age, height, weight, net worth, and more. So, let’s dive right in!

Who Is Brooke Hyland Dating? 7 Interesting Facts:

1. Brooke’s Current Relationship Status:

As of 2024, Brooke Hyland is dating her long-time boyfriend, Jake Martin. The couple first met in high school and has been together for several years. Their relationship has gained attention due to their adorable social media posts and public appearances.

2. Jake Martin:

Jake Martin is a talented musician and songwriter. He has a strong following on social media platforms, where he often shares his original music. Jake and Brooke’s shared passion for the arts has solidified their bond.

3. Musical Collaboration:

Brooke and Jake have collaborated on various music projects, showcasing their combined talents in singing and songwriting. Their fans eagerly anticipate any new releases from this dynamic duo.

4. Supportive Relationship:

Brooke and Jake are known for their unwavering support for each other’s careers. They regularly attend each other’s performances and cheer each other on, both personally and professionally.

5. Private Life:

Despite their public profiles, Brooke and Jake prefer to keep their relationship relatively private. They value their personal space and often refrain from sharing too much about their romantic life on social media.

6. Individual Achievements:

Brooke Hyland continues to excel in her dancing and singing pursuits. She has released her own music and has established herself as a successful independent artist. Jake Martin, on the other hand, is gaining recognition for his unique musical style and has been steadily building his fanbase.

7. Future Plans:

While the couple keeps their future plans private, they continue to focus on their individual careers and support each other’s aspirations. Fans eagerly anticipate what lies ahead for this talented pair.

15 Common Questions about Brooke Hyland:

Q1. How old is Brooke Hyland?

A1. Brooke Hyland was born on January 30, 1998, making her 26 years old as of 2024.

Q2. What is Brooke Hyland’s height and weight?

A2. Brooke stands at approximately 5 feet 5 inches tall (165 cm) and weighs around 120 pounds (54 kg).

Q3. What is Brooke Hyland’s net worth?

A3. As of 2024, Brooke Hyland’s estimated net worth is around $1 million, primarily earned through her dancing, singing, and reality TV career.

Q4. Is Brooke still dancing?

A4. While Brooke’s focus has shifted more towards her music career, she occasionally showcases her dance skills through performances and social media posts.

Q5. Has Brooke released any music albums?

A5. Yes, Brooke has released several singles and an EP, including popular tracks like “Mean to Me” and “I Hurt.”

Q6. What happened to Brooke after leaving Dance Moms?

A6. After leaving Dance Moms, Brooke pursued her passion for music and continued to develop her singing career.

Q7. Does Brooke have any siblings?

A7. Yes, Brooke has two siblings, Paige and Josh Hyland, who have also appeared on Dance Moms.

Q8. Does Brooke have any upcoming tours or concerts?

A8. Information regarding Brooke’s future tours or concerts can be found on her official website or social media platforms.

Q9. Is Brooke active on social media?

A9. Yes, Brooke is active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter, where she shares updates about her music and personal life.

Q10. What genre of music does Brooke Hyland prefer?

A10. Brooke’s music is primarily pop-oriented, with influences from contemporary and electronic genres.

Q11. Did Brooke ever win any dance competitions?

A11. Yes, Brooke has won multiple dance competitions in her career, showcasing her exceptional talent and dedication.

Q12. Is Brooke still in touch with her Dance Moms co-stars?

A12. While the extent of their contact may vary, Brooke maintains friendly relationships with several of her Dance Moms co-stars.

Q13. Does Brooke have any pets?

A13. Yes, Brooke is an avid animal lover and has a pet dog named Bella.

Q14. Has Brooke appeared in any other television shows or movies?

A14. While Brooke has primarily focused on her music career, she has made guest appearances on various TV shows and continues to explore new opportunities.

Q15. What advice does Brooke have for aspiring dancers and musicians?

A15. Brooke encourages aspiring artists to stay dedicated, work hard, and believe in themselves, emphasizing the importance of passion and perseverance.


Brooke Hyland, the talented dancer, singer, and reality TV star, is currently dating Jake Martin, a fellow musician. The couple’s shared love for music has brought them together, and they continue to support each other’s careers. Despite their public profiles, they prefer to keep their relationship relatively private. Brooke remains focused on her music career and has released several successful singles and an EP. As of 2024, she is 26 years old and has an estimated net worth of $1 million. Brooke’s journey after leaving Dance Moms has been marked by her pursuit of music and personal growth. With a promising future ahead, Brooke Hyland continues to inspire her fans with her talent, dedication, and ability to balance her personal and professional life.

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