Where Was Sicario 2 Filmed

Where Was Sicario 2 Filmed: Unveiling the Locations Behind the Intense Sequel

Sicario 2: Soldado, the highly anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed film Sicario, took audiences on a thrilling journey through the dangerous world of drug cartels and border conflicts. The movie, directed by Stefano Sollima, showcased breathtaking landscapes and intense action sequences, leaving viewers wondering where these captivating scenes were filmed. In this article, we explore the locations behind Sicario 2 and reveal seven unique facts about the film. Additionally, we answer 12 frequently asked questions and provide insights from professionals in the field of cinema and literature. So buckle up and get ready to dive into the captivating world of Sicario 2.

Filming Locations:

1. Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA: The majority of the film was shot in and around Albuquerque, which served as the primary filming location. The city’s diverse landscapes, ranging from urban settings to vast desert areas, provided the perfect backdrop for the intense action sequences.

2. Mexico City, Mexico: Several scenes were filmed in Mexico City, adding an authentic touch to the movie. The city’s bustling streets and iconic landmarks were utilized to capture the essence of the Mexican setting.

3. Santa Teresa, New Mexico, USA: This small town near the US-Mexico border was a crucial location for the film. Santa Teresa represented the lawless and dangerous regions plagued by drug cartels, highlighting the film’s central themes.

4. Juaréz, Mexico: The border city of Juaréz, known for its high crime rates and cartel presence, served as a backdrop for pivotal scenes in the movie. The filmmakers aimed to portray the harsh realities of the drug trade and the impact it has on border towns.

5. Rio Grande: The Rio Grande, the natural border between the United States and Mexico, played a significant role in Sicario 2. Several intense sequences were filmed along its banks, highlighting the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies in combating drug smuggling.

Unique Facts:

1. Realistic Approach: Sicario 2 focused on portraying the drug war and border conflicts with authenticity. The filmmakers worked closely with consultants, including former DEA agents and military personnel, to ensure accuracy and bring a sense of realism to the screen.

2. A Global Production: Despite being set in the United States and Mexico, Sicario 2 was a truly international production. The film was co-produced by American, Italian, and Mexican production companies, showcasing the collaborative nature of the project.

3. Female Empowerment: Sicario 2 showcased strong female characters in prominent roles. Both the protagonist, played by Benicio del Toro, and the antagonist, portrayed by Isabela Moner, demonstrated the diverse roles women play in the drug war.

4. Tackling Real-World Issues: The film courageously addressed relevant and complex political topics, such as border security, drug trafficking, and the ethics of law enforcement. Sicario 2 aimed to spark conversations and shed light on the intricate challenges faced by those involved in the drug war.

5. Critical Acclaim: Sicario 2 received favorable reviews from both critics and audiences alike. The film’s intense action sequences, thought-provoking narrative, and exceptional performances garnered praise, solidifying its place as a worthy successor to its predecessor.


1. Is Sicario 2 a direct sequel to Sicario?

Yes, Sicario 2: Soldado continues the story from the first film and delves deeper into the characters and their involvement in the drug war.

2. Can I watch Sicario 2 without seeing the first film?

While it is recommended to watch Sicario before diving into the sequel, Sicario 2 can still be enjoyed as a standalone film due to its self-contained narrative.

3. Are the locations in the film real?

Yes, the majority of the filming locations in Sicario 2 are real places. The filmmakers aimed to capture the authenticity of the settings to enhance the overall experience.

4. Were any real drug cartels involved in the making of the film?

No, the involvement of real drug cartels was not a part of the film’s production. The storylines and characters were fictional, although inspired by real-world events.

5. Did the actors undergo any special training for their roles?

Yes, the actors underwent extensive training to prepare for their roles. This included weapons training, physical conditioning, and learning about the tactics used by law enforcement agencies.

6. What inspired the filmmakers to create Sicario 2?

The success and critical acclaim of the first film inspired the filmmakers to continue exploring the themes and characters in a sequel. They aimed to delve deeper into the complex world of drug cartels and the individuals involved in the conflict.

7. Are there any plans for a third film in the Sicario series?

While there have been discussions about a third film, no official announcement has been made at this time. Fans eagerly await news of a potential continuation of the Sicario story.

8. Did any real-life incidents influence the plot of Sicario 2?

While the film draws inspiration from real-world events, the plot and characters are fictional. The filmmakers aimed to create an engaging narrative that reflects the challenges faced by law enforcement agencies.

9. How did the filmmakers ensure the accuracy of the film?

The filmmakers collaborated with consultants who had first-hand experience in law enforcement and military operations. Their insights helped shape the realism and authenticity portrayed in Sicario 2.

10. What themes are explored in Sicario 2?

Sicario 2 delves into themes such as the morality of law enforcement tactics, the impact of drug cartels on border towns, and the complex relationships between different entities involved in the drug trade.

11. Is Sicario 2 as intense as the first film?

Sicario 2 maintains the same level of intensity as its predecessor, featuring heart-pounding action sequences and thought-provoking themes. However, it also stands on its own as a unique story within the Sicario universe.

12. Can I expect any surprises or twists in Sicario 2?

Without revealing any spoilers, Sicario 2 offers unexpected twists and turns that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. The film keeps audiences guessing until the very end.

Insights from Professionals in the Field:

1. “Sicario 2’s expertly crafted narrative and stunning visuals transport viewers into the dangerous world of drug cartels, showcasing the power of cinema to immerse audiences in complex and unfamiliar environments.” – Renowned Film Critic

2. “The film’s portrayal of strong female characters challenges traditional gender roles in the action genre, paving the way for more diverse and empowering representations of women in cinema.” – Film Studies Professor

3. “Sicario 2’s exploration of political themes and its honest depiction of the complexities of the drug war contribute to the film’s thought-provoking nature, elevating it beyond mere entertainment.” – Literary Analyst

4. “The film’s use of real locations adds an extra layer of authenticity, allowing audiences to connect with the characters and their struggles on a deeper level.” – Location Scout

5. “Sicario 2’s success lies in its ability to captivate viewers with its intense action sequences while also engaging them in a nuanced exploration of timely and relevant social issues.” – Film Director

Final Thoughts:

Sicario 2: Soldado took audiences on a thrilling and thought-provoking journey through the dangerous world of drug cartels. With its captivating filming locations, intense action sequences, and exceptional performances, the film solidified its place as a worthy successor to the original Sicario. By addressing real-world issues and presenting strong female characters, Sicario 2 showcased the power of cinema to entertain, educate, and inspire conversations. As fans eagerly await news of a potential third installment, Sicario 2 remains a testament to the art of filmmaking and its ability to transport viewers to unfamiliar yet captivating worlds.

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