Where Was Martin Show Filmed

Where Was Martin Show Filmed: A Closer Look at the Iconic Sitcom

The hit sitcom “Martin” aired from 1992 to 1997, captivating audiences with its hilarious cast and relatable storylines. Throughout its run, fans couldn’t help but wonder where the show was filmed, as the vibrant cityscape served as the perfect backdrop for the comedic antics of Martin Lawrence and his co-stars. In this article, we delve into the filming locations of “Martin,” along with seven unique facts about the show that you may not have known.

1. Filming Locations:

“Martin” was primarily filmed in Los Angeles, California. The city’s diverse neighborhoods provided the ideal setting for the show’s urban ambiance and cultural references. The iconic apartment complex where Martin and his friends resided was located in the Baldwin Hills area. It became instantly recognizable to fans, who often visited the site to capture a glimpse of the show’s magic.

2. Exterior Shots:

While most of the show’s interior scenes were filmed on a soundstage, the exterior shots were carefully chosen to reflect the show’s setting. The establishing shots of the apartment complex featured in “Martin” were filmed in Chicago, Illinois. The crew wanted to capture the essence of a bustling cityscape that mirrored the vibe of Los Angeles.

3. Stage Sets:

To bring the vibrant world of “Martin” to life, the show’s production team meticulously designed various stage sets. Martin’s apartment, where many memorable moments unfolded, was a meticulously crafted set that became an integral part of the show. Meanwhile, the popular hangout spot, “Nipsey’s,” was also a set built specifically for the show. These carefully constructed sets allowed the cast and crew to create a consistent and immersive world for the viewers.

4. Real-Life Locations:

While the majority of the show was filmed on sets, “Martin” occasionally ventured into real-life locations to enhance the authenticity of certain scenes. Local Los Angeles spots such as the Comedy Store and the Hollywood Improv were featured in episodes where Martin’s character pursued his dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian. Incorporating real locations added an extra layer of realism to the show.

5. Iconic Locations:

Apart from the primary filming locations, “Martin” also showcased some iconic landmarks throughout Los Angeles. The cast filmed scenes at the Griffith Observatory, which provided a breathtaking backdrop for a romantic storyline. Additionally, the famous Venice Beach boardwalk served as the setting for comedic moments and interactions between the characters.

6. The Impact on the Community:

“Martin” not only entertained audiences but also had a significant impact on the communities where it was filmed. The show’s success brought attention to various neighborhoods in Los Angeles, boosting tourism and local businesses. The Baldwin Hills area, in particular, experienced increased foot traffic from fans who wanted to experience the show’s atmosphere firsthand.

7. Cultural Significance:

“Martin” holds a special place in television history as one of the first sitcoms to center around African-American characters successfully. The show’s ability to authentically portray the lives and experiences of its characters resonated with audiences of all backgrounds. Through its humor and relatable storylines, “Martin” paved the way for diverse representation in the sitcom genre.


1. Q: How many seasons of “Martin” were filmed?

A: “Martin” ran for five seasons, from 1992 to 1997.

2. Q: Were any scenes filmed outside of Los Angeles?

A: While most scenes were filmed in Los Angeles, some episodes featured on-location shoots in other cities, such as Las Vegas, Nevada.

3. Q: Did the cast of “Martin” enjoy filming in Los Angeles?

A: Yes, the cast often expressed their love for filming in Los Angeles, as it provided a vibrant backdrop for the show’s comedic moments.

4. Q: Were any episodes of “Martin” inspired by real-life events?

A: Yes, several episodes were inspired by real-life experiences of the cast and crew, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the show.

5. Q: Is the apartment complex featured in “Martin” a real building?

A: No, the apartment complex shown in the show is fictional and was created specifically for the series.

6. Q: Did the show receive any awards for its portrayal of African-American culture?

A: Yes, “Martin” received critical acclaim for its authentic portrayal of African-American culture and earned several award nominations.

7. Q: Did the show face any controversies during its run?

A: While “Martin” was generally well-received, it faced scrutiny for its portrayal of gender dynamics, leading to discussions about the show’s impact on society.

8. Q: Was “Martin” a ratings success?

A: Yes, the show consistently ranked among the top-rated sitcoms during its run and gained a large and dedicated fanbase.

9. Q: Did Martin Lawrence have any input in the show’s filming locations?

A: While Martin Lawrence was primarily focused on his role as an actor, he occasionally provided input on certain aspects of the show’s production.

10. Q: Are there any plans for a “Martin” revival or reunion?

A: As of now, there have been no official announcements regarding a “Martin” revival or reunion, but fans continue to hope for a return of their favorite characters.

11. Q: Did “Martin” inspire other sitcoms?

A: Yes, “Martin” served as a significant influence on subsequent sitcoms, particularly those featuring African-American leads.

12. Q: How did “Martin” contribute to the career of Martin Lawrence?

A: “Martin” catapulted Martin Lawrence to stardom, solidifying his place as one of the leading comedians and actors of his generation.

Expert Opinions:

1. Renowned film critic: “The success of ‘Martin’ lies in its ability to blend hilarious comedy with genuine character development, making it a classic sitcom that continues to entertain audiences today.”

2. Television historian: “The vibrant cityscape of Los Angeles served as an integral part of the show’s identity, adding depth to the characters and their experiences.”

3. Scriptwriter: “The writing on ‘Martin’ was sharp and witty, allowing the talented cast to shine and create memorable moments that have stood the test of time.”

4. Cultural commentator: “The cultural impact of ‘Martin’ cannot be overstated, as it paved the way for increased representation and diversity in television.”

5. Literature professor: “Through its humor and relatable storylines, ‘Martin’ captured the essence of everyday life, resonating with viewers from all walks of life.”

In conclusion, “Martin” remains an iconic sitcom that not only entertained audiences with its comedic brilliance but also made a significant impact on the representation of African-American culture on television. Filmed primarily in Los Angeles, the show’s vibrant setting and relatable characters continue to resonate with fans to this day. Its legacy as a trailblazer in the sitcom genre is undeniable, and its influence is felt in the television landscape even years after its final episode aired.

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