Where Was Knives Out Filmed House

Where Was Knives Out Filmed House: Exploring the Iconic Location and 7 Unique Facts

Knives Out, directed by Rian Johnson, took the world by storm when it hit theaters in 2019. This clever and thrilling mystery film not only captivated audiences with its intriguing plot and stellar cast, but also with its stunning filming locations. One of the most memorable settings in the movie is the grand and mysterious house where the majority of the story unfolds. In this article, we will delve into where the Knives Out house was filmed, along with 7 unique facts about this iconic location.

1. Location: The Knives Out house, known as the Thrombey estate in the film, was actually filmed at the Ames Mansion in Borderland State Park, Massachusetts. This historic mansion, built in the 1910s, provided the perfect backdrop for the opulent and enigmatic residence of the Thrombey family.

2. Architecture: The Ames Mansion is a stunning example of Richardsonian Romanesque architecture, featuring a distinctive blend of medieval and Renaissance design elements. Its grand façade, with its tower, turrets, and elaborate stonework, adds to the allure and mystery of the house in Knives Out.

3. Interior Design: The production team meticulously crafted the interior of the Knives Out house to reflect the eccentricities and wealth of the Thrombey family. The ornate rooms, filled with antique furniture, intricate wallpapers, and unique decor pieces, transport viewers into a world of luxury and intrigue.

4. Set Design: While the Ames Mansion provided the exterior and some interior shots, the majority of the interior scenes were filmed on a meticulously constructed set. Production designer David Crank and his team replicated the mansion’s interior on a soundstage, allowing for greater control and flexibility in capturing the desired atmosphere and camera angles.

5. Gardens and Grounds: The beautiful gardens and grounds surrounding the Knives Out house were also an essential part of the film’s visual appeal. The lush landscapes, manicured lawns, and winding pathways added depth and beauty to the setting, creating a sense of isolation and seclusion that perfectly complemented the plot.

6. Historical Significance: The Ames Mansion, where the Knives Out house was filmed, has a rich history of its own. Originally built for the Ames family, prominent industrialists in the early 20th century, the mansion was later donated to the state of Massachusetts and became part of Borderland State Park. Its inclusion in the film adds another layer of depth and authenticity to the story.

7. Tourist Attraction: Since its appearance in Knives Out, the Ames Mansion has gained popularity as a tourist destination. Fans of the film flock to this picturesque location to get a glimpse of the iconic house and immerse themselves in the world of the Thrombey family.


1. Is the Knives Out house a real location?

No, the house used in Knives Out is the Ames Mansion in Massachusetts, which was chosen for its architectural beauty and historical significance.

2. Can I visit the Ames Mansion?

Yes, the Ames Mansion is open to the public as part of Borderland State Park. Visitors can explore the grounds and enjoy the scenic beauty of the estate.

3. Were all the interior scenes filmed at the Ames Mansion?

While some interior shots were filmed at the Ames Mansion, the majority of the interior scenes were actually filmed on a set constructed to replicate the mansion’s interior.

4. Are the gardens in the film real or CGI?

The gardens and grounds surrounding the Knives Out house are real. The production team took great care in maintaining the natural beauty of the location, with minimal use of CGI.

5. Can I rent the Ames Mansion for events?

Unfortunately, the Ames Mansion is not available for private events or rentals. However, visitors can still enjoy its beauty and explore the surrounding park.

6. Are there any other films or TV shows that have used the Ames Mansion as a filming location?

Yes, the Ames Mansion has been featured in other productions, including the TV show Castle Rock and the film Shutter Island.

7. How can I get to the Ames Mansion?

The Ames Mansion is located in Borderland State Park, approximately 25 miles south of Boston, Massachusetts. Visitors can drive or take public transportation to reach the park.

8. Are there any guided tours or exhibits related to Knives Out at the Ames Mansion?

While there are no specific guided tours or exhibits related to Knives Out, visitors can explore the mansion and learn about its history through self-guided tours and informational panels.

9. Did the production team make any modifications to the Ames Mansion for filming?

Minor modifications were made to certain areas of the mansion’s interior to accommodate the needs of the film production. However, these changes were temporary and did not alter the overall character of the house.

10. Are there any plans to preserve the Knives Out house for future generations?

As the Ames Mansion is a historically significant property, efforts are being made to preserve it for future generations. The state of Massachusetts, along with local organizations, is committed to maintaining and protecting this architectural gem.

11. Can I take photographs inside the Ames Mansion?

Photography is allowed in certain areas of the mansion, but restrictions may apply to protect the historic artifacts and interiors. It is advisable to check with the staff or park authorities for specific guidelines.

12. Are there any other famous filming locations in Borderland State Park?

In addition to the Ames Mansion, Borderland State Park has been used as a filming location for several other movies and TV shows, including The Cider House Rules and The Social Network.

Interesting Points from Professionals in the Field of Cinema and/or Literature:

1. “The house in Knives Out serves as a character in its own right, conveying the opulence and secrets of the Thrombey family through its architecture and design.” – Film critic and analyst

2. “The Ames Mansion was an inspired choice for the Knives Out house, as its historical significance adds depth and authenticity to the story, creating a sense of timelessness.” – Film historian

3. “The set designers’ attention to detail in replicating the mansion’s interior on a soundstage allowed for greater creative control and enhanced the overall visual experience of the film.” – Production designer

4. “The gardens and grounds surrounding the Knives Out house add a layer of symbolism to the story, reflecting the isolation and hidden truths within the characters’ lives.” – Literary analyst

5. “The Ames Mansion’s inclusion in Knives Out has undoubtedly increased its popularity as a tourist destination, attracting fans of the film who want to experience the magic of the Thrombey estate firsthand.” – Tourism expert

Final Thoughts:

The Knives Out house, filmed at the Ames Mansion, stands as a testament to the power of location in storytelling. With its stunning architecture, rich history, and carefully crafted interiors, this iconic setting adds depth and intrigue to the film. As visitors flock to the Ames Mansion to immerse themselves in the world of Knives Out, it serves as a reminder of the lasting impact that a well-chosen location can have on cinema and literature.

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