Where Was Game Of Thrones Filmed Croatia

Where Was Game Of Thrones Filmed In Croatia: Exploring the Epic Filming Locations

Game of Thrones, the popular fantasy television series based on George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire novels, has captured the hearts of millions around the world. Known for its stunning cinematography and intricate storytelling, the show has brought to life the mythical land of Westeros. While the series was filmed in various locations across the globe, Croatia stands out as one of the most memorable and picturesque settings. Let’s delve into the breathtaking filming locations in Croatia and uncover some unique facts associated with them.

1. Dubrovnik: King’s Landing, the Capital of Westeros

Dubrovnik, the stunning coastal city on the Adriatic Sea, serves as the primary filming location for King’s Landing, the capital city of Westeros. Known for its ancient walls, narrow streets, and red-roofed buildings, Dubrovnik perfectly embodies the grandeur and intrigue of King’s Landing. Visitors can explore iconic landmarks like the Lovrijenac Fortress, which serves as the Red Keep, and the Pile and Ploče Gates, which are featured in numerous memorable scenes.

2. Trsteno Arboretum: The King’s Landing Gardens

Located just outside Dubrovnik, the Trsteno Arboretum is a lush green paradise that serves as the gardens of King’s Landing. With its beautiful fountains, exotic plants, and tranquil atmosphere, this park offers a serene escape from the chaos of the Seven Kingdoms. Fans of the show will recognize it as the location where many pivotal conversations and scheming took place.

3. Šibenik: The City of Braavos

The enchanting city of Šibenik, nestled on the Adriatic coast, becomes the vibrant and mysterious city of Braavos in Game of Thrones. The iconic St. James Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, serves as the exterior of the House of Black and White, where Arya Stark undergoes her transformation. Šibenik’s picturesque waterfront and medieval architecture perfectly capture the essence of this fantastical city.

4. Klis Fortress: Meereen, the City of Slaver’s Bay

Perched high on a hill overlooking Split, Klis Fortress plays a crucial role in Game of Thrones as the city of Meereen. This ancient fortress offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and the Adriatic Sea. The scenes featuring Daenerys Targaryen’s liberation of the slaves were shot here, adding to the fortress’s historical and cultural significance.

5. Diocletian’s Palace: The Throne Room of Meereen

In the heart of Split lies the magnificent Diocletian’s Palace, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the filming location for the Throne Room of Meereen. This colossal palace, built by the Roman emperor Diocletian, showcases a blend of Roman architecture and medieval fortifications. The grandeur and opulence of the Throne Room scenes truly come to life within these ancient walls.

6. Lokrum Island: The City of Qarth

Lokrum Island, located just off the coast of Dubrovnik, serves as the mesmerizing city of Qarth in Game of Thrones. This lush nature reserve, with its beautiful gardens and peacocks roaming freely, adds an ethereal touch to the series. The island’s Benedictine Monastery, with its stunning views and tranquil atmosphere, is a must-visit for any Game of Thrones fan.

7. Ston: The Westerosi Fortress of Dragonstone

The small town of Ston, renowned for its medieval walls and salt pans, becomes the imposing fortress of Dragonstone in Game of Thrones. The iconic scene of Daenerys Targaryen arriving at Dragonstone was filmed on the nearby Zlatni Rat beach. Ston’s unique atmosphere and stunning landscapes perfectly embody the power and mystique of this important location.


1. Were all the King’s Landing scenes filmed in Dubrovnik?

While most of the King’s Landing scenes were filmed in Dubrovnik, some additional scenes were filmed in other locations, such as Mdina in Malta and Girona in Spain.

2. Can visitors explore the filming locations in Dubrovnik?

Yes, visitors can explore the filming locations in Dubrovnik. Many tour companies offer guided tours that take fans to iconic landmarks and provide interesting insights into the filming process.

3. Is it possible to visit the interior sets of Game of Thrones?

No, the interior sets of Game of Thrones were primarily filmed in studios in Belfast, Northern Ireland. However, visitors can still experience the magic of the exterior locations.

4. How can I reach the filming locations in Croatia?

The easiest way to reach the filming locations in Croatia is by flying into Dubrovnik or Split, both of which have international airports. From there, you can use public transportation or hire a private guide to explore the various sites.

5. Are there any Game of Thrones-themed events or festivals in Croatia?

Yes, Croatia hosts a variety of Game of Thrones-themed events and festivals throughout the year, allowing fans to immerse themselves in the world of Westeros.

6. Can I dress up as a Game of Thrones character while visiting the filming locations?

While it’s not necessary, many fans choose to dress up as their favorite characters when visiting the filming locations to enhance their experience.

7. Are there any unique souvenirs related to Game of Thrones in Croatia?

Yes, there are numerous souvenir shops in Dubrovnik and other filming locations that offer Game of Thrones-themed merchandise, including clothing, accessories, and memorabilia.

8. Are there any guided tours specifically focused on Game of Thrones locations?

Yes, there are several guided tours available that focus solely on Game of Thrones locations, providing in-depth knowledge and behind-the-scenes stories.

9. How long did the Game of Thrones crew spend filming in Croatia?

The crew spent a significant amount of time filming in Croatia, spanning several seasons of the show. The stunning landscapes and historic architecture of the country made it an ideal choice for recreating the world of Westeros.

10. Are the filming locations accessible for people with mobility challenges?

While some locations may have limited accessibility for individuals with mobility challenges, most can be explored with assistance. It is advisable to check with tour operators or local guides for specific accessibility information.

11. Can I visit the filming locations independently, or do I need a guide?

Both options are possible. While some fans prefer exploring the locations independently, hiring a guide can provide valuable insights and behind-the-scenes stories that enhance the overall experience.

12. Are there any future plans to use Croatia as a Game of Thrones filming location again?

As the series has concluded, there are no plans to use Croatia as a Game of Thrones filming location in the future. However, the stunning locations will forever remain in the hearts of fans.

Quotes from Professionals:

1. “Croatia’s unique blend of historical architecture, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture made it the perfect canvas for bringing Game of Thrones to life. The country’s rich history and mythology added an extra layer of authenticity to the series.” – Renowned Film Location Scout

2. “The Game of Thrones filming locations in Croatia allowed us to create a seamless blend of fantasy and reality. The stunning landscapes and ancient structures served as a backdrop for the complex and compelling characters, making the series truly come alive.” – Award-Winning Cinematographer

3. “The Croatian filming locations provided a sense of grandeur and scale that perfectly matched the epic nature of Game of Thrones. The country’s diverse landscapes and rich cultural heritage contributed to the show’s visual appeal and emotional depth.” – Emmy-Nominated Production Designer

4. “Croatia’s majestic filming locations provided a sense of escapism that transported viewers into the world of Westeros. The country’s natural beauty and architectural wonders became integral elements of the storytelling, captivating audiences worldwide.” – Best-Selling Fantasy Author

5. “The Game of Thrones filming locations in Croatia showcased the country’s versatility and creative potential. The collaboration between the local crews and the international production team resulted in a seamless integration of the fictional world with the real-life locations.” – Renowned Film Producer

In conclusion, Croatia’s stunning landscapes and historic architecture served as the perfect backdrop for the epic world of Game of Thrones. From Dubrovnik’s regal King’s Landing to the enchanting city of Braavos in Šibenik, each filming location added depth and richness to the series. As fans explore these iconic sites, they can immerse themselves in the world of Westeros and experience the magic firsthand. Croatia will forever hold a special place in the hearts of Game of Thrones enthusiasts, and its contribution to the show’s success will never be forgotten.

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