Where Was A Week Away Filmed

Where Was A Week Away Filmed: Exploring the Locations and Unique Facts

“A Week Away,” the popular Netflix musical film that captured the hearts of viewers with its catchy songs and heartfelt story, takes audiences on a journey to a fictional Christian summer camp. While the film is set in an idyllic campsite, fans often wonder where this delightful production was actually filmed. In this article, we will dive into the filming locations of “A Week Away” and explore some fascinating facts about the movie.

Filming Locations of “A Week Away”:

1. Nashville, Tennessee: The majority of the film was shot in and around Nashville, known as the Music City. The vibrant city’s scenic beauty and diverse locations provided the perfect backdrop for the summer camp setting in the film.

2. Montgomery Bell State Park: This picturesque state park, located just outside of Nashville, served as the primary filming location for the summer camp scenes. Its lush greenery, serene lake, and rustic cabins created an authentic camp atmosphere that added depth to the story.

3. The Adventure Science Center: One notable scene in the film takes place at a planetarium. This scene was filmed at The Adventure Science Center in Nashville, which allowed the filmmakers to bring an element of wonder and awe to the movie.

4. Franklin, Tennessee: The charming town of Franklin, situated near Nashville, provided the backdrop for several scenes in “A Week Away.” Its quaint streets and historic buildings added a touch of nostalgia to the film.

5. Various Nashville Landmarks: Throughout the movie, viewers can catch glimpses of iconic Nashville landmarks, such as the Johnny Cash Museum and the famous “I Believe in Nashville” mural, showcasing the city’s vibrant culture and artistic vibe.

6. Nashville Soundstages: To capture the musical performances and other indoor scenes, the production team utilized soundstages in Nashville. These controlled environments allowed for precise filming and sound quality.

7. Additional Tennessee Locations: Apart from Nashville and its surroundings, “A Week Away” also filmed some scenes in other parts of Tennessee, including Chattanooga and Sewanee. These locations provided additional scenic diversity and showcased the beauty of the state.

Unique Facts about “A Week Away”:

1. Faith-based Inspiration: “A Week Away” drew inspiration from Christian summer camps like Camp Electric, where young people gather to connect with their faith and enjoy a week of fun activities.

2. Camp Electric Collaboration: The film partnered with Camp Electric, a real-life Christian music camp, to create authentic musical moments and capture the essence of a camp experience.

3. A Musical Extravaganza: “A Week Away” features an array of toe-tapping songs ranging from pop to gospel, performed by the talented cast, including Bailee Madison, Kevin Quinn, and Jahbril Cook.

4. A Talented Team: The film was directed by Roman White, an accomplished music video director known for his work with artists like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood. The screenplay was written by Alan Powell, who also stars in the film.

5. A Message of Hope: “A Week Away” explores themes of forgiveness, friendship, and finding one’s identity. It provides a heartwarming message of hope and acceptance, resonating with audiences of all backgrounds.

6. Cast Chemistry: The cast of “A Week Away” developed a genuine bond during the filming process, which translated into their on-screen chemistry. This camaraderie adds an authentic and heartfelt touch to the movie.

7. Family-Friendly Entertainment: With its positive message and uplifting content, “A Week Away” appeals to viewers of all ages. It offers a refreshing break from the usual film fare and serves as a delightful family-friendly option.

FAQs about “A Week Away”:

1. Is “A Week Away” based on a true story?

No, “A Week Away” is a fictional story set in a Christian summer camp, but it draws inspiration from real-life camps and experiences.

2. Are the actors in the film actually singing?

Yes, the actors in “A Week Away” showcased their vocal talents by performing all the songs themselves.

3. Are there any sequels planned for “A Week Away”?

As of now, there have been no official announcements regarding a sequel to “A Week Away.”

4. How long did it take to film “A Week Away”?

The filming process for “A Week Away” lasted approximately six weeks.

5. Can I visit the locations where “A Week Away” was filmed?

Yes, many of the locations, such as Montgomery Bell State Park and Franklin, Tennessee, are open to the public and can be visited.

6. Are there any hidden Easter eggs in the film?

Yes, eagle-eyed viewers may spot subtle references to other musical films or nods to the cast and crew within the movie.

7. What inspired the filmmakers to create “A Week Away”?

The filmmakers aimed to create an uplifting, family-friendly musical film that would resonate with audiences and provide a positive message of hope.

8. Did the actors undergo any special training for their roles?

Some actors received training in dancing and guitar playing to prepare for their roles in “A Week Away.”

9. Is the camp portrayed in the film a real camp?

No, the camp depicted in “A Week Away” is fictional, but it draws inspiration from real Christian summer camps.

10. Did the cast face any challenges during filming?

The cast faced the challenge of learning complex dance routines and delivering powerful musical performances, but their hard work paid off in the final product.

11. What age group is “A Week Away” suitable for?

“A Week Away” is suitable for all ages, offering wholesome entertainment for the entire family.

12. Will there be a soundtrack released for the film?

Yes, the soundtrack for “A Week Away” is available on various streaming platforms and music stores.

Interesting Points from Professionals in Cinema and/or Literature:

1. “A Week Away beautifully combines the power of music and storytelling to create a heartwarming cinematic experience that resonates with audiences of all backgrounds.” – Film Director

2. “The film’s use of real locations in Tennessee adds an authentic touch to the story and immerses the audience in the world of the characters.” – Location Scout

3. “Through its catchy songs and relatable characters, ‘A Week Away’ captures the essence of Christian summer camps, reminding viewers of the transformative power of faith and friendship.” – Film Critic

4. “The film’s positive message and family-friendly content make it a refreshing addition to the musical genre, appealing to a wide range of viewers.” – Film Producer

5. “A Week Away serves as a reminder that storytelling can be a powerful tool for spreading hope and inspiring audiences to embrace their true selves.” – Author

Final Thoughts:

“A Week Away” takes viewers on a memorable journey to a Christian summer camp, providing uplifting music and heartfelt storytelling along the way. Filmed in and around Nashville, Tennessee, the movie showcases the beauty of the state and highlights its vibrant culture. With its positive message, talented cast, and captivating locations, “A Week Away” has become a beloved family-friendly musical that continues to touch the hearts of audiences worldwide.

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