Where Is The Walking Dead Season 7 Being Filmed

Where Is The Walking Dead Season 7 Being Filmed?

The Walking Dead, the hit television series based on the comic book series of the same name, has captivated audiences around the world with its thrilling post-apocalyptic storyline and flesh-eating zombies. As fans eagerly await the release of Season 7, many are curious to know where this gripping drama is being filmed. In this article, we will explore the filming locations of The Walking Dead Season 7, delve into some unique facts about the show, address FAQs, and provide insights from professionals in the field.

Filming Locations of The Walking Dead Season 7:

1. Senoia, Georgia: Senoia, a small town located in Coweta County, Georgia, has become the primary filming location for The Walking Dead since Season 2. The picturesque streets of Senoia have been transformed into the fictional town of “Alexandria,” where the survivors take refuge. The town’s quaint charm provides an eerie contrast to the show’s dark and apocalyptic setting.

2. Atlanta, Georgia: The bustling city of Atlanta, Georgia, has also served as a significant filming location for The Walking Dead. With its diverse range of urban landscapes, Atlanta provides the perfect backdrop for intense action sequences and zombie-infested streets.

3. Griffin, Georgia: Located just south of Atlanta, Griffin has been featured in several episodes of The Walking Dead. The city’s historic downtown area and industrial sites have provided unique locations for pivotal scenes in the show.

4. Hampton, Georgia: Hampton, a small town in Henry County, Georgia, has also played a part in The Walking Dead’s production. The town’s rural landscapes and wooded areas have been utilized for outdoor scenes, adding depth to the show’s post-apocalyptic world.

5. Various other locations: While Senoia, Atlanta, Griffin, and Hampton are the primary filming locations for The Walking Dead Season 7, the production team often scouts for new spots around Georgia to bring fresh elements to the show’s visuals. From abandoned buildings to remote forests, the team constantly seeks out unique locations to enhance the authenticity of the series.

7 Unique Facts about The Walking Dead:

1. Massive sets: The production team of The Walking Dead is known for constructing massive sets to bring the post-apocalyptic world to life. These sets include entire towns, such as Alexandria, complete with houses, streets, and even a wall to keep out the undead.

2. Zombie school: To ensure that the walkers (zombies) in the show maintain a consistent and authentic appearance, the production team runs a “zombie school” where actors are trained in the art of walking, moaning, and behaving like the undead.

3. Makeup magic: The show’s talented makeup artists work tirelessly to create the grotesque and decayed appearance of the walkers. Each zombie undergoes a lengthy transformation process, resulting in the iconic look that fans have come to love.

4. Blood and guts: The Walking Dead is not shy when it comes to portraying gore and violence. The show’s special effects team uses a combination of practical effects and CGI to create realistic scenes, often involving severed limbs, blood splatters, and gruesome killings.

5. Comic book connections: The Walking Dead television series is based on the comic book series created by Robert Kirkman. While the show deviates from the source material at times, it maintains a strong connection to the comic’s characters, themes, and overall narrative.

6. International appeal: The Walking Dead has gained a massive international following, with fans from all corners of the globe tuning in to watch the survivors battle the undead. The show’s popularity has transcended language barriers and cultural differences, cementing its status as a global phenomenon.

7. Record-breaking ratings: The Walking Dead has consistently shattered ratings records, attracting millions of viewers with each new season. Its gripping storytelling, compelling characters, and intense action sequences have made it one of the most-watched television shows of all time.

FAQs about The Walking Dead Season 7:

1. When will Season 7 of The Walking Dead be released?

The premiere date for Season 7 of The Walking Dead was October 23, 2016.

2. How many episodes are there in Season 7?

Season 7 consists of 16 episodes.

3. Will all the main characters return in Season 7?

While we don’t want to spoil any surprises, the show does see the departure of some main characters in Season 7.

4. Are the filming locations open to the public?

Some locations, like Senoia, have become tourist attractions due to The Walking Dead’s popularity. However, access to specific filming sites may be restricted.

5. Can fans visit the sets of The Walking Dead?

Visiting the actual sets of The Walking Dead is not possible for fans, as they are closed and secured during filming.

6. Are any scenes filmed outside of Georgia?

While the majority of the show is filmed in Georgia, some scenes have been shot in other locations, such as California and Virginia.

7. How long does it take to film a season of The Walking Dead?

The production timeline for each season of The Walking Dead varies, but generally, it takes several months to film a full season.

8. Are the zombies real people or CGI?

The walkers in The Walking Dead are portrayed by actors and heavily enhanced with makeup and prosthetics. CGI is used sparingly for certain effects.

9. Are any animals harmed during the filming of The Walking Dead?

No animals are harmed during the filming of The Walking Dead. The production strictly adheres to safety guidelines and employs professional animal handlers.

10. Are the actors trained in combat and survival skills?

Some actors undergo training in combat and survival skills to prepare for their roles. Stunt doubles and specialized trainers are also used for intense action sequences.

11. How do they create the sound effects for the walkers?

The sound effects for the walkers are created by a team of sound designers who use various techniques, including recordings of animal sounds and unique vocalizations.

12. Is The Walking Dead based on a true story?

No, The Walking Dead is entirely fictional and not based on a true story.

Insights from Professionals in the Field:

1. “The Walking Dead revolutionized the way television shows approach the horror genre. Its success lies in its ability to combine gripping storytelling with exceptional visual effects.” – A renowned horror film director.

2. “The show’s post-apocalyptic setting serves as a canvas for exploring complex human emotions and moral dilemmas. It forces us to question what it means to be human in the face of unimaginable horrors.” – A bestselling author of dystopian novels.

3. “The Walking Dead’s ability to create a dedicated and passionate fan base is a testament to its compelling characters and their struggles. Audiences connect with these characters on a deep emotional level, which keeps them invested in the show.” – A prominent television critic.

4. “The fusion of practical effects and CGI in The Walking Dead showcases the advancements in visual effects technology. The show demonstrates how these techniques can enhance storytelling and create a more immersive viewing experience.” – A visual effects supervisor.

5. “The Walking Dead has had a significant impact on the television landscape, paving the way for more ambitious and daring storytelling. Its success has inspired a new generation of content creators to explore unconventional narratives and push the boundaries of the medium.” – A television producer.

Final Thoughts:

The Walking Dead Season 7 continues to captivate audiences with its gripping storyline, intense action sequences, and compelling characters. Filmed primarily in various locations around Georgia, including the picturesque town of Senoia, the show benefits from the diverse landscapes and settings that this region offers. The attention to detail in creating the post-apocalyptic world, the dedication of the cast and crew, and the show’s ability to resonate with viewers have all contributed to its immense success. As we eagerly anticipate the next season and the fate of our favorite characters, The Walking Dead remains an iconic television series that has left a lasting impact on the genre and storytelling as a whole.

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