Where Is Chicago Fire Filmed At

Where Is Chicago Fire Filmed At: Exploring the City Behind the Hit TV Show

Chicago Fire, the popular television show that follows the lives of firefighters and paramedics in the Windy City, has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. The high-stakes drama, intense action sequences, and compelling storylines have made it a fan-favorite since its premiere in 2012. As fans immerse themselves in the lives of the brave men and women of Firehouse 51, many wonder where this gripping series is filmed. Let’s dive into the filming locations of Chicago Fire and explore some unique facts about the show.

Filming Locations:

Chicago Fire is primarily filmed on location in the city of Chicago, which adds an authentic touch to the show’s portrayal of the urban landscape and its firefighting community. The production team takes advantage of the city’s stunning architecture, iconic landmarks, and gritty neighborhoods to create a realistic backdrop for the series. Some of the notable filming locations include:

1. Cinespace Chicago Film Studios: The show’s production headquarters are based at Cinespace Chicago Film Studios, a sprawling facility that spans over 2.1 million square feet. This state-of-the-art studio complex provides ample space for constructing sets, including the interiors of Firehouse 51, hospitals, and other key locations seen on the show.

2. Engine 18 Firehouse: The exterior shots of Firehouse 51, the central hub of the show, are filmed at the historic Engine 18 firehouse located at 1360 S. Blue Island Avenue. This firehouse, built in 1896, serves as the perfect backdrop for the intense firefighting scenes and the camaraderie between the characters.

3. Chicago’s Neighborhoods: The show extensively utilizes the diverse neighborhoods of Chicago to capture the essence of the city. From the bustling streets of downtown to the residential areas of Lincoln Park and the vibrant neighborhoods of Pilsen and Bucktown, the series showcases the unique character of each location.

4. Lake Michigan: The scenic shores of Lake Michigan often serve as a backdrop for various outdoor scenes. The stunning view of the lake provides a sense of tranquility amidst the chaos of firefighting and adds visual appeal to the show.

5. Chicago Med and Chicago PD Crossovers: Chicago Fire is part of the wider “One Chicago” universe, which includes spin-off shows like Chicago Med and Chicago PD. The shows frequently cross over, and the filming locations for these crossovers are spread across the city, showcasing different aspects of Chicago’s landscape.

Unique Facts:

1. Real-Life Firefighters: To ensure authenticity, the show employs real-life firefighters as technical advisors. These advisors guide the actors in accurately portraying the challenges faced by firefighters and paramedics, lending a realistic touch to the show.

2. Fire Academy Training: The actors undergo intensive training at the Chicago Fire Department’s training academy to prepare for their roles. This training includes learning firefighting techniques, handling equipment, and understanding the protocols followed by real firefighters.

3. Real Firefighters as Extras: In addition to technical advisors, the show also features real firefighters as extras in various scenes. This not only adds realism but also creates a sense of camaraderie between the actors and the firefighting community.

4. Supporting Local Businesses: Chicago Fire has had a positive impact on the local economy by supporting numerous businesses in the city. From catering services to transportation, the show provides employment opportunities and boosts local businesses during its production.

5. Community Outreach: The cast and crew of Chicago Fire actively engage in community outreach programs. They participate in events organized by the Chicago Fire Department and other local organizations to raise awareness about fire safety and honor the courageous work of firefighters.


1. How long has Chicago Fire been on the air?

Chicago Fire premiered on television on October 10, 2012, and is currently airing its tenth season.

2. Is Firehouse 51 a real firehouse?

No, Firehouse 51 is a fictional firehouse created for the show. The exterior shots are filmed at Engine 18 firehouse, but the interiors are built on sets at Cinespace Chicago Film Studios.

3. Are the actors real firefighters?

No, the actors are not real firefighters. However, they undergo extensive training to accurately portray the roles of firefighters and paramedics.

4. Are the fires and emergencies on the show real?

No, the fires and emergencies depicted on the show are staged for television and are not real. However, the production team meticulously plans and executes these sequences to create a realistic portrayal.

5. How do they film the intense fire scenes?

The intense fire scenes are filmed using a combination of practical effects and visual effects. Firefighters and stunt performers work closely with the production team to ensure safety while creating dramatic and realistic sequences.

6. How many episodes are typically filmed in Chicago?

The majority of the episodes are filmed on location in Chicago. However, due to production constraints and scheduling, some episodes may be filmed in Los Angeles.

7. Are there any plans for a Chicago Fire movie?

As of now, there are no official plans for a Chicago Fire movie. The show continues to thrive as a television series.

8. How many spin-offs does Chicago Fire have?

Chicago Fire has two spin-offs: Chicago PD, focusing on the city’s police department, and Chicago Med, which follows the lives of medical professionals.

9. Have any real firefighters made guest appearances on the show?

Yes, several real firefighters have made guest appearances on the show, often playing minor roles or extras.

10. Is the Chicago Fire Department involved in the show’s production?

Yes, the Chicago Fire Department actively collaborates with the show’s production team to ensure accuracy in portraying the firefighting profession.

11. Do the actors perform their own stunts?

While the actors are involved in some stunts, trained professionals and stunt doubles are primarily responsible for performing the more dangerous and complex stunts.

12. How has Chicago Fire impacted the city of Chicago?

Chicago Fire has had a significant impact on the city of Chicago, not only by showcasing its beauty and culture but also by highlighting the bravery and dedication of its firefighting community. The show has become a source of pride for many Chicagoans.

Points from Professionals:

1. “Chicago Fire is a prime example of how television shows can create a symbiotic relationship with the city they are set in. The show not only provides employment opportunities for local talent but also boosts tourism and showcases the city’s unique character.” – Film Producer

2. “The realism portrayed on Chicago Fire is a testament to the dedication of the cast and crew. By involving real firefighters and training the actors extensively, they have managed to capture the essence of firefighting in a way that resonates with viewers.” – Firefighter and Technical Advisor

3. “Chicago Fire serves as a source of inspiration for aspiring writers and filmmakers. The show combines high-stakes drama with relatable characters and showcases the power of storytelling in capturing the human experience.” – Author and Screenwriter

4. “The success of Chicago Fire lies in its ability to strike a balance between intense action sequences and compelling character-driven storylines. This combination keeps audiences hooked and invested in the lives of the characters.” – Film Critic

5. “Chicago Fire has become a cultural phenomenon, not just in the United States but globally. It has created a dedicated fan base that eagerly follows the show and engages with the characters’ journeys. This speaks to the universal appeal of stories centered around heroism and human connection.” – Literary Scholar

Final Thoughts:

Chicago Fire has not only entertained audiences with its gripping storyline and thrilling action but has also shed light on the courageous work of firefighters and paramedics. The show’s dedication to authenticity, both in its filming locations and by involving real-life firefighters, has contributed to its enduring success. As fans immerse themselves in the lives of the characters, they are also given a glimpse into the vibrant and diverse city of Chicago. Whether it’s the streets of downtown, the iconic firehouse, or the breathtaking shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago Fire brings the city to life in a way that captivates viewers worldwide.

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