What Shows Are Filmed In New York

What Shows Are Filmed in New York: Exploring the Big Apple’s Cinematic Landscape

New York City, often referred to as the “Big Apple,” has long been a hub for film and television production. Its iconic landmarks, diverse neighborhoods, and vibrant energy make it an ideal backdrop for countless shows and movies. In this article, we will delve into the world of television production in New York, highlighting some of the most popular shows filmed in the city, along with seven unique facts about the industry. Additionally, we will address 12 frequently asked questions and provide insightful answers. Finally, we will offer five interesting points from professionals in the field of cinema and/or literature, concluding with some unique final thoughts.

Shows Filmed in New York:

1. “Friends” – This beloved sitcom, set in Manhattan, captured the hearts of millions with its endearing characters and hilarious storylines. Many iconic scenes, such as the gang’s favorite coffee shop, Central Perk, were shot in New York City.

2. “Sex and the City” – Following the lives and romantic escapades of four women in New York, this show showcased the city’s fashion, nightlife, and cultural scenes. It frequently filmed on location, featuring famous landmarks like the Brooklyn Bridge and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

3. “Law & Order” franchise – This long-running crime/legal drama series has become synonymous with New York City. It has not only depicted the city’s gritty criminal justice system but also showcased its distinct neighborhoods and landscapes.

4. “Gossip Girl” – This teen drama series provided an inside look into the lives of wealthy Manhattanites. Filmed predominantly on the Upper East Side, it highlighted some of New York’s most luxurious real estate and iconic locations.

5. “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” – Set in the late 1950s and early 1960s, this critically acclaimed comedy-drama series showcases the vibrant energy of New York City during that era. It effectively captures the essence of the city’s comedy clubs and streets.

Unique Facts About the Industry:

1. Tax incentives – New York offers generous tax credits to production companies that film within the state. These incentives have attracted numerous television shows and movies to choose the city as their production location.

2. Iconic landmarks on screen – New York’s famous landmarks often make appearances in shows and movies filmed in the city. From the Empire State Building to Times Square, these recognizable sights add a unique charm to the on-screen storytelling.

3. Diversity on screen – New York’s multicultural population is often reflected in the shows filmed there. The city’s varied neighborhoods provide opportunities to authentically portray different cultures and communities on screen.

4. Economic impact – The television and film industry has a significant economic impact on New York City. It creates jobs, generates revenue for local businesses, and boosts tourism as fans visit famous filming locations.

5. Emergence of streaming platforms – With the rise of streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, New York has become an even more attractive location for television production. These platforms have provided opportunities for diverse storytelling and increased demand for content.


1. Are all shows set in New York City actually filmed there?

While many shows set in New York City are indeed filmed on location, some scenes may be shot in studios or other locations that closely resemble the city.

2. How do shows obtain permits to film in public spaces?

Production companies must obtain permits from the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment (MOME) to film in public spaces. These permits ensure that filming activities do not disrupt public life.

3. Are New Yorkers inconvenienced by the filming process?

Filming in New York City is a common occurrence, and most New Yorkers are accustomed to it. However, occasional road closures or restrictions may cause temporary inconveniences.

4. Can tourists visit the sets of their favorite shows?

Most television show sets are closed to the public, as they are working environments. However, fans can visit famous filming locations, such as Central Perk from “Friends” or the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art from “Gossip Girl.”

5. How does New York City compare to other filming locations, such as Los Angeles?

Both New York City and Los Angeles are popular filming destinations, each offering unique advantages. New York’s distinctive cityscape and cultural diversity often attract specific types of storytelling, while Los Angeles offers a different range of landscapes and infrastructure.

6. How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected television production in New York?

The pandemic temporarily halted or delayed many television productions in New York City. However, strict safety protocols have been implemented, allowing productions to resume with necessary precautions.

7. Are there any upcoming television shows set to be filmed in New York?

Yes, there are several upcoming shows scheduled to be filmed in New York City, including new seasons of existing series and brand-new productions.

8. How does the presence of film crews impact local businesses?

Film crews often rely on local businesses for services such as catering, equipment rentals, and accommodations, which stimulates the local economy.

9. Are there any famous directors or producers known for their work in New York City?

Many renowned directors and producers have worked extensively in New York City, using the unique atmosphere and locations to enhance their storytelling.

10. Can aspiring actors find opportunities in New York City?

New York City is known for its vibrant theater scene, providing numerous opportunities for aspiring actors. Additionally, many television productions cast local talent for supporting roles and extras.

11. Are there any restrictions on filming in historic or protected areas?

Filming in historic or protected areas may require additional permits and approvals to ensure the preservation of these sites.

12. How can New York City continue to attract television production?

By maintaining tax incentives, streamlining the permit process, and investing in infrastructure, New York City can continue to be an attractive destination for television production.

Interesting Points from Professionals:

1. “New York City’s diverse neighborhoods provide an incredible canvas for storytelling, allowing us to authentically capture the essence of different communities.” – Filmmaker

2. “The energy of New York City is unrivaled, and it seeps into every frame of the shows filmed here. It adds a dynamic quality that can’t be replicated.” – Television Producer

3. “Working on television shows set in New York City is a dream come true for many actors. The city’s rich history and iconic locations make it an exciting backdrop for storytelling.” – Actor

4. “The television industry in New York City has created a thriving community of talented professionals. It’s a collaborative environment that fosters creativity and innovation.” – Film Editor

5. “New York City’s film and television productions not only entertain audiences but also contribute to the city’s cultural legacy. They immortalize the city’s spirit and serve as time capsules for future generations.” – Film Historian

Final Thoughts:

New York City’s status as a global center for film and television production is undeniable. Its unique blend of iconic landmarks, diverse neighborhoods, and vibrant energy continues to attract countless shows and movies. The industry contributes significantly to the city’s economy, job market, and cultural legacy. As television production evolves with the emergence of streaming platforms, New York City remains a compelling canvas for storytelling. Whether it’s witnessing the lives of fictional characters unfold against the backdrop of Central Park or exploring the city’s hidden corners through a detective’s eyes, the magic of New York’s cinematic landscape continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

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