What Order Should I Read Anthony Horowitz Books

Anthony Horowitz is a well-known and highly acclaimed author who has written numerous books across a variety of genres, including mystery, thriller, and young adult fiction. With such a vast body of work, it can be overwhelming to decide where to start when diving into his books. In this article, we will explore the best order in which to read Anthony Horowitz’s books, as well as provide some interesting facts about the author.

1. Start with the Alex Rider series

One of Anthony Horowitz’s most popular and beloved series is the Alex Rider series, which follows the adventures of a teenage spy. The series begins with “Stormbreaker” and is a great introduction to Horowitz’s writing style and storytelling abilities.

2. Move on to the Diamond Brothers series

After delving into the world of Alex Rider, readers can explore another one of Horowitz’s series, the Diamond Brothers series. This series follows the comedic adventures of two brothers, Tim and Nick Diamond, as they stumble into various mysteries and crimes.

3. Check out the Power of Five series

For readers who enjoy darker and more supernatural themes, the Power of Five series is a must-read. This series follows the story of five teenagers who must come together to save the world from ancient evil forces.

4. Dive into the Sherlock Holmes novels

Anthony Horowitz has also written two novels in the Sherlock Holmes universe, “The House of Silk” and “Moriarty.” Fans of the classic detective stories will enjoy Horowitz’s take on the iconic character.

5. Explore the stand-alone novels

In addition to his series, Anthony Horowitz has written several stand-alone novels that cover a wide range of genres and themes. Some notable stand-alone novels include “Magpie Murders,” “The Word is Murder,” and “The Magician’s House” series.

6. Don’t forget about his children’s books

Anthony Horowitz is also a prolific writer of children’s books, including the Groosham Grange series and the Pentagram series. These books are perfect for younger readers who enjoy adventure and mystery.

7. Consider reading his non-fiction works

In addition to his fiction writing, Anthony Horowitz has also penned several non-fiction works, including “The Killing Joke: A Novelization” and “The Devil and His Boy.” These books offer a different perspective on his writing style and interests.

8. Keep an eye out for new releases

As a prolific author, Anthony Horowitz continues to release new books regularly. Keeping up with his latest releases is a great way to stay engaged with his work and discover new stories.

9. Mix it up and read based on your interests

Ultimately, the best order to read Anthony Horowitz’s books is based on your personal preferences and interests. Whether you prefer spy thrillers, supernatural mysteries, or classic detective stories, there is something for everyone in Horowitz’s vast body of work.

Interesting facts about Anthony Horowitz:

1. Anthony Horowitz was born in Stanmore, Middlesex, England in 1955.

2. He began writing at a young age and had his first book published when he was just 23 years old.

3. In addition to his work as an author, Horowitz is also a screenwriter and has written for popular television shows such as “Foyle’s War” and “Midsomer Murders.”

4. Horowitz is best known for his Alex Rider series, which has sold over 19 million copies worldwide.

5. He was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) in 2014 for his services to literature.

6. Anthony Horowitz is a prolific writer, with over 40 books to his name across various genres.

7. He is a self-proclaimed fan of detective fiction and has cited authors such as Agatha Christie and Arthur Conan Doyle as influences on his work.

8. Horowitz is also a passionate advocate for literacy and education, and has been involved in numerous initiatives to promote reading among young people.

9. In addition to his fiction writing, Horowitz has also written plays, screenplays, and even a James Bond novel, “Trigger Mortis.”

Common questions about Anthony Horowitz:

1. What is Anthony Horowitz’s best-selling book?

Anthony Horowitz’s best-selling book is “Stormbreaker,” the first installment in the Alex Rider series.

2. How many books has Anthony Horowitz written?

Anthony Horowitz has written over 40 books across various genres, including mystery, thriller, and young adult fiction.

3. Is Anthony Horowitz still writing books?

Yes, Anthony Horowitz continues to write and release new books regularly.

4. Has Anthony Horowitz won any awards for his writing?

Yes, Anthony Horowitz was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) in 2014 for his services to literature.

5. What is Anthony Horowitz’s writing process like?

Anthony Horowitz has described his writing process as disciplined and focused, often working long hours to meet deadlines.

6. What inspired Anthony Horowitz to become a writer?

Anthony Horowitz has cited his love of reading and storytelling as the main inspirations for becoming a writer.

7. Are there any upcoming projects from Anthony Horowitz?

Yes, Anthony Horowitz continues to work on new projects, including books, screenplays, and television shows.

8. Does Anthony Horowitz have any favorite authors?

Anthony Horowitz has cited authors such as Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, and Enid Blyton as some of his favorite writers.

9. What is Anthony Horowitz’s favorite book that he has written?

Anthony Horowitz has stated that “Magpie Murders” is one of his favorite books that he has written.

10. Has Anthony Horowitz ever collaborated with other authors?

Yes, Anthony Horowitz has collaborated with authors such as James Patterson on the “Middle School” series.

11. Are there any film adaptations of Anthony Horowitz’s books?

Yes, several of Anthony Horowitz’s books, including the Alex Rider series, have been adapted into films and television shows.

12. Does Anthony Horowitz have any hobbies outside of writing?

Anthony Horowitz is a self-proclaimed fan of cricket and enjoys watching and playing the sport in his free time.

13. What advice would Anthony Horowitz give to aspiring writers?

Anthony Horowitz has advised aspiring writers to read widely, write every day, and never give up on their dreams of becoming published authors.

14. How does Anthony Horowitz come up with ideas for his books?

Anthony Horowitz has stated that he draws inspiration from real-life events, news stories, and his own imagination when coming up with ideas for his books.

15. Has Anthony Horowitz ever written under a pseudonym?

Yes, Anthony Horowitz has written under the pseudonym “William Sutcliffe” for some of his early works.

16. Does Anthony Horowitz have any plans to write more Sherlock Holmes novels?

Anthony Horowitz has not ruled out the possibility of writing more Sherlock Holmes novels in the future.

17. What is Anthony Horowitz’s next project?

Anthony Horowitz’s next project is a new book in the Alex Rider series, titled “Nightshade,” set to be released in 2022.

In summary, Anthony Horowitz is a prolific and versatile author with a wide range of books to choose from. Whether you are a fan of spy thrillers, supernatural mysteries, or classic detective stories, there is something for everyone in Horowitz’s extensive body of work. By exploring his various series, stand-alone novels, and non-fiction works, readers can immerse themselves in the captivating worlds and characters that Anthony Horowitz has created. So, pick up a book by Anthony Horowitz and get ready to be entertained and enthralled by his gripping storytelling.

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