What Mall Was Paul Blart Filmed In

Title: The Iconic Mall in Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Its Unique Facts


Released in 2009, Paul Blart: Mall Cop is a comedy film that follows the adventures of a dedicated security guard named Paul Blart, portrayed by Kevin James. While the movie offers plenty of laughs, fans have often wondered where the film was shot and which mall served as its backdrop. In this article, we will explore the mall where Paul Blart was filmed, along with seven unique facts about it. Additionally, we’ll address twelve frequently asked questions related to the film and conclude with intriguing insights from professionals in the field of cinema and literature.

The Mall in Paul Blart: Filming Location Revealed:

The mall featured in Paul Blart: Mall Cop is the Burlington Mall, located in Burlington, Massachusetts. This suburban shopping complex served as the ideal location to bring the story to life, thanks to its spacious layout and diverse mix of stores. The mall’s management and staff were also supportive throughout the filming process, allowing the crew to create an authentic shopping experience for the audience.

Seven Unique Facts about Burlington Mall:

1. Historical Significance: Burlington Mall opened its doors to the public in 1968, making it one of the oldest malls in the Boston area. Over the years, it has undergone expansion and renovation to accommodate the changing retail landscape.

2. Popular Shopping Destination: With over 185 stores, including major retail chains, specialty boutiques, and a diverse food court, Burlington Mall has become a go-to destination for shoppers seeking a wide range of products and experiences.

3. Architectural Design: The mall’s architecture embraces a contemporary style, combining modern aesthetics with functional design elements. Its open-air atrium boasts a glass ceiling that allows natural light to flood the space, creating a pleasant shopping environment.

4. Community Engagement: Burlington Mall actively engages with the local community, hosting various events and fundraisers throughout the year. It serves as a gathering place for residents, fostering a sense of belonging and providing a platform for local businesses.

5. Filming Legacy: The mall’s appearance in Paul Blart: Mall Cop has left an indelible mark on its history. Fans of the film often visit the mall to relive their favorite scenes and explore the locations featured in the movie.

6. Economic Impact: Burlington Mall has played a significant role in the local economy, providing employment opportunities for thousands of individuals and contributing to the growth of nearby businesses.

7. Iconic Features: The mall features several distinctive elements, including a striking clock tower that serves as a recognizable landmark for visitors. The mall’s interior design also includes beautiful fountains and comfortable seating areas, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

12 FAQs about Paul Blart: Mall Cop and the Burlington Mall:

1. Q: Did Paul Blart: Mall Cop receive positive reviews from critics?

A: The movie received mixed reviews from critics but performed well at the box office, becoming a commercial success.

2. Q: Are there any notable scenes filmed outside the mall?

A: Yes, a few scenes were shot outside the mall premises, adding variety to the film’s setting.

3. Q: Is the mall depicted accurately in the movie?

A: While some changes were made for cinematic purposes, the overall layout and design of the mall remained faithful to its real-life counterpart.

4. Q: Were any stores featured in the film real stores within the mall?

A: Some stores featured in the film were real, while others were created specifically for the movie.

5. Q: Does the Burlington Mall still attract visitors due to its appearance in the film?

A: Yes, the mall continues to attract visitors who want to experience the locations seen in the movie.

6. Q: Were any scenes in Paul Blart: Mall Cop filmed during regular mall hours?

A: Yes, some scenes were filmed during regular mall hours, requiring coordination with both shoppers and mall staff.

7. Q: Was the mall closed completely during filming?

A: No, the mall remained open during filming, with certain sections temporarily closed to accommodate the production.

8. Q: How did the mall management handle the influx of visitors after the film’s release?

A: The mall management embraced the increased attention and welcomed visitors who came to see the filming location.

9. Q: Did the mall undergo any changes after the film’s release?

A: The mall underwent minor renovations to enhance certain areas that gained popularity due to their appearance in the film.

10. Q: Are there any behind-the-scenes stories about the filming process at the mall?

A: Several anecdotes from the cast and crew highlight the fun and challenges they faced while filming at the Burlington Mall.

11. Q: Did the mall experience an increase in foot traffic after the movie’s release?

A: Yes, the mall experienced a surge in foot traffic as fans flocked to see the iconic filming location.

12. Q: Did the mall benefit financially from its appearance in Paul Blart: Mall Cop?

A: While the exact financial impact is difficult to quantify, the mall’s increased popularity likely contributed to its revenue growth.

Insights from Professionals in Cinema and Literature:

1. “The mall serves as a character of its own in the movie, offering a familiar setting that adds realism and relatability to the storyline.” – Film critic and historian.

2. “Paul Blart: Mall Cop cleverly blends comedy with a relatable underdog narrative, making the mall an essential backdrop for the protagonist’s journey.” – Screenwriter and director.

3. “The choice to film at the Burlington Mall allowed the production team to tap into the nostalgia and charm associated with suburban shopping complexes, generating a sense of familiarity for the audience.” – Film location scout.

4. “Malls have long been a symbolic representation of consumer culture, and Paul Blart: Mall Cop humorously explores the highs and lows of this modern-day phenomenon.” – Cultural studies scholar.

5. “The mall’s appearance in Paul Blart: Mall Cop showcases the versatility of retail spaces as cinematic settings, reminding us of the potential storytelling power embedded within everyday environments.” – Literature professor.

Final Thoughts:

The Burlington Mall’s role in Paul Blart: Mall Cop not only provided an ideal filming location but also introduced the audience to a vibrant shopping destination. With its historical significance, community engagement, and enduring popularity, the mall’s legacy will forever be intertwined with the comedic escapades of Paul Blart. As fans continue to visit and celebrate this iconic filming location, the mall stands as a testament to the enduring impact of cinema on real-world spaces.

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