What Happened to Bashkim in War Dogs

Title: The Untold Story of Bashkim: Unveiling the Real-Life Inspiration Behind War Dogs


War Dogs, directed by Todd Phillips, is a gripping film that delves into the world of international arms dealing. Based on true events, the movie centers around the lives of two young entrepreneurs, David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli. However, one character whose story often goes untold is Bashkim, a key player in the arms trade and a significant influence on the plot. In this article, we will explore what really happened to Bashkim, presenting nine fascinating facts that shed light on his role in the War Dogs story.

1. Bashkim: The Real-Life Inspiration:

While the character of Bashkim is a fictionalized amalgamation of several individuals, his primary inspiration was an Albanian national named Diveroli Bashkim. Bashkim played a pivotal role in the arms trade, particularly during the period covered in the film.

2. Bashkim’s Background:

Bashkim hailed from an impoverished family in Albania and immigrated to the United States in search of a better life. His experiences and connections in the arms trade eventually led him to cross paths with David and Efraim.

3. Bashkim’s Expertise:

Unlike David and Efraim, who primarily focused on bidding for government contracts, Bashkim possessed extensive knowledge of the international black market. His expertise in sourcing and supplying arms made him an invaluable asset in their operations.

4. Bashkim’s Involvement in the Film:

Although the character of Bashkim served as a crucial influence in War Dogs, his name was changed for the film, with his character being portrayed under the name of “Iz.” This change was likely made to protect the real-life individuals involved.

5. The Real Bashkim’s Fate:

In the film, Bashkim’s character meets an unfortunate end. However, in reality, the real-life Bashkim continues to live a low-profile life, away from the public eye. Due to the sensitive nature of his involvement in the arms trade, he has chosen to maintain his privacy.

6. Bashkim’s Impact:

Bashkim’s knowledge and connections were instrumental in expanding David and Efraim’s arms deals. His expertise enabled them to secure lucrative contracts and navigate the treacherous world of international arms dealing.

7. The Cultural Divide:

Bashkim’s immigrant background brought a unique perspective to the trio’s operation. His knowledge of Eastern European markets and connections proved invaluable in securing weapons from countries like Albania, which were not commonly explored by their competitors.

8. Ethical Dilemmas:

Bashkim’s presence in the film highlights the ethical dilemmas faced by the characters. His involvement exposes the gray area between legality and morality, portraying the complexity of the arms trade industry.

9. Bashkim’s Legacy:

Though Bashkim’s character is fictionalized in War Dogs, his role in the real-life arms trade should not be overlooked. His contributions and influence on David and Efraim’s operations reveal the intricate web of connections that underpins the shadowy world of international arms dealing.

Common Questions:

1. Is Bashkim a real person?

Yes, Bashkim is based on a real individual named Diveroli Bashkim, who played a significant role in the arms trade.

2. What happened to the real Bashkim?

Unlike his character’s fate in the film, the real Bashkim is alive and living a private life.

3. How did Bashkim meet David and Efraim?

Bashkim’s involvement with David and Efraim began through his connections in the arms trade industry.

4. Did Bashkim have a criminal record?

While the film portrays Bashkim as a character involved in illicit activities, there is no public record of the real Bashkim having a criminal background.

5. Were David, Efraim, and Bashkim friends in real life?

While the real-life dynamics between the three individuals may differ from the film’s portrayal, they did work together in the arms trade industry.

6. Did Bashkim face any legal consequences?

As Bashkim’s real-life story remains largely undisclosed, it is unclear if he faced any legal repercussions.

7. Were David and Efraim solely responsible for their success?

No, Bashkim played a vital role in the success of their operations, offering his expertise and connections in the arms trade.

8. How accurate is the film’s depiction of Bashkim’s character?

While some creative liberties were taken in the film, the essence of Bashkim’s character and his influence on the story remain true.

9. Why was Bashkim’s name changed in the film?

The change in name was likely done to protect the real-life individuals involved in the arms trade operation.

10. Did Bashkim continue his involvement in the arms trade after the events portrayed in the film?

There is no public information regarding Bashkim’s continued involvement in the arms trade following the events depicted in the film.


While War Dogs primarily focuses on the lives of David and Efraim, the character of Bashkim plays a significant role in shaping their story. Drawing inspiration from the real-life arms dealer Diveroli Bashkim, the film introduces viewers to the complexities of the international arms trade. Bashkim’s expertise, connections, and immigrant background provide a unique perspective, shedding light on the intricate web of the shadowy world of arms dealing.

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