Tv Shows Filmed In Savannah Ga

TV Shows Filmed In Savannah, GA: Unveiling the Southern Charm

Savannah, Georgia, known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture, has also become a popular destination for television and film production. The city’s picturesque streets and enchanting ambiance have attracted numerous filmmakers, resulting in a host of TV shows being filmed in Savannah. In this article, we will delve into the allure of Savannah as a filming location, explore some unique facts about the shows produced there, address frequently asked questions, and highlight interesting perspectives from professionals in the field of cinema and literature.

TV Shows Filmed in Savannah, GA: A Glimpse into Southern Splendor

1. “The Originals”:

Set in the fictional city of New Orleans, this supernatural drama series is predominantly filmed in and around Savannah. Its stunning visuals often showcase the city’s historic district, with its moss-draped trees, charming squares, and grand mansions setting the perfect backdrop for the show’s dark and mystical ambiance.

2. “Underground”:

This critically acclaimed historical drama, which tells the story of the Underground Railroad in the mid-1800s, was partially filmed in Savannah. The city’s preserved antebellum architecture and expansive marshlands served as a compelling backdrop for the show’s portrayal of the struggles and triumphs of the enslaved.

3. “Rectify”:

Taking a more introspective approach, “Rectify” explores the life of Daniel Holden, a man released from death row after new DNA evidence surfaces. Filmed in Savannah and the surrounding area, the show captures the essence of the city’s small-town charm and Southern hospitality.

4. “The Vampire Diaries”:

While primarily set in the fictional Mystic Falls, Virginia, this popular supernatural drama series utilized Savannah’s alluring settings to create an enchanting and mysterious atmosphere. The city’s historic sites, such as Bonaventure Cemetery and Forsyth Park, add an eerie allure to the show’s vampire-infested world.

5. “The Gifted”:

Set in the X-Men universe, this superhero drama series made use of Savannah’s diverse landscapes, including its historic streets and riverside locales. The city’s unique blend of Southern charm and modernity provided a visually captivating backdrop for the show’s action-packed narrative.

6. “Council of Dads”:

Inspired by a true story, this heartwarming drama series follows a group of friends who come together to support a family after a life-altering event. Filmed in Savannah, the show takes advantage of the city’s warm and inviting atmosphere, incorporating its stunning architecture and natural beauty into its storytelling.

7. “The Walking Dead”:

While not primarily filmed in Savannah, this immensely popular post-apocalyptic horror series has occasionally utilized the city’s surroundings for its atmospheric scenes. Savannah’s lush marshlands and hauntingly beautiful landscapes have served as the backdrop for the show’s relentless struggle for survival.

Unique Facts about TV Shows Filmed in Savannah:

1. Savannah’s Historic District:

The city’s well-preserved historic district has been a key attraction for filmmakers, offering a multitude of visually stunning locations that span various time periods. From antebellum mansions to cobblestone streets, this district provides a versatile canvas for TV shows set in different eras.

2. Local Economic Impact:

The influx of TV productions has not only enhanced Savannah’s cultural landscape but also provided a significant economic boost. The film and television industry in Savannah has generated employment opportunities for locals, including actors, crew members, and support staff, contributing to the city’s overall economic growth.

3. Community Involvement:

Savannah’s residents have embraced the presence of TV shows in their city, often participating as extras or offering their homes as filming locations. This symbiotic relationship between the local community and the entertainment industry has fostered a sense of pride and excitement among the residents of Savannah.

4. Increased Tourism:

The popularity of TV shows filmed in Savannah has also resulted in a surge in tourism. Visitors are drawn to the city to explore the filming locations and experience the charm depicted on screen. This influx of tourists has positively impacted local businesses, including restaurants, hotels, and shops.

5. Savannah’s Natural Beauty:

Beyond its architectural splendor, Savannah boasts breathtaking natural landscapes, including its marshlands and riverside areas. These picturesque backdrops have been utilized by TV shows to enhance the visual appeal of their narratives, showcasing the city’s unique blend of urban and natural environments.

FAQs about TV Shows Filmed in Savannah, GA:

1. Are all scenes filmed on location in Savannah?

While many TV shows do film on location in Savannah, some scenes may also be shot in studios or other locations for logistical or creative reasons.

2. How does Savannah benefit from TV shows being filmed there?

The presence of TV shows in Savannah brings economic benefits through job creation, increased tourism, and enhanced local businesses.

3. Do residents of Savannah get involved in the filming process?

Yes, many Savannah residents participate as extras or offer their properties as filming locations. The local community’s involvement adds authenticity and a sense of community pride to the productions.

4. Are there any restrictions or regulations for filming in Savannah?

Filming in Savannah is subject to permits and regulations to ensure the safety and minimal disruption to the city and its residents.

5. Can visitors explore filming locations in Savannah?

Yes, many filming locations are accessible to the public, allowing visitors to experience the charm of Savannah showcased in their favorite TV shows.

6. Are there any guided tours specifically for TV show filming locations in Savannah?

Yes, there are several guided tours available that focus on showcasing the filming locations in Savannah, offering visitors an immersive experience.

7. Are there any upcoming TV shows or movies set to be filmed in Savannah?

As the city’s popularity as a filming location continues to grow, there are always new projects in the pipeline. Stay tuned for exciting announcements!

8. How can I become an extra in a TV show filmed in Savannah?

Keep an eye out for casting calls and opportunities posted by local casting agencies or production companies. Following them on social media or subscribing to their newsletters can help you stay informed.

9. Are there any famous actors who have filmed in Savannah?

Yes, Savannah has attracted many talented actors who have graced its streets for TV and film productions. However, due to privacy reasons, specific names cannot be disclosed.

10. How do TV shows impact the cultural landscape of Savannah?

TV shows filmed in Savannah showcase the city’s unique charm and rich history to a global audience, raising its profile as a cultural destination.

11. Are there any local festivals or events related to TV shows filmed in Savannah?

Yes, the city sometimes hosts events or festivals related to the TV shows filmed there, providing opportunities for fans to celebrate their favorite productions.

12. How can I support the local film industry in Savannah?

Supporting local businesses, attending film festivals, and collaborating with local filmmakers are some ways individuals can contribute to the growth of the film industry in Savannah.

Perspectives from Professionals in the Field of Cinema and Literature:

1. “Savannah’s architecture and natural beauty create an ideal backdrop for TV shows, offering a distinct Southern charm that captivates viewers and transports them into the narratives.” – Film Location Scout.

2. “The presence of TV shows in Savannah has sparked a renewed interest in the city’s history and culture, inspiring new stories and creative endeavors.” – Local Author.

3. “Savannah’s welcoming community and picturesque landscapes have made it a sought-after destination for filmmakers, providing a unique and enriching experience for both cast and crew.” – Film Director.

4. “The TV shows filmed in Savannah have showcased the city’s diverse neighborhoods, highlighting its vibrant culture and creating a sense of pride among its residents.” – Local Historian.

5. “Savannah’s allure lies in its ability to transport viewers to another time and place, immersing them in the magic of storytelling and sparking their imagination.” – Screenwriter.

Final Thoughts: Unveiling the Southern Charm of Savannah

Savannah’s emergence as a popular filming location has brought the city’s enchanting atmosphere and rich history to screens worldwide. Through TV shows filmed in Savannah, viewers are transported to a realm of supernatural intrigue, historical narratives, and heartwarming stories that capture the essence of this Southern gem. As the city continues to welcome filmmakers, it not only benefits from the economic advantages but also showcases its unique blend of architecture, landscapes, and community pride. Savannah’s journey as a destination for TV productions is an ongoing testament to its timeless allure and its ability to captivate audiences with its Southern charm.

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