Tv Shows Filmed In New Mexico

TV Shows Filmed in New Mexico: Exploring the Land of Enchantment

New Mexico, known as the “Land of Enchantment,” has been a sought-after filming location for both movies and television shows for decades. With its diverse landscapes, breathtaking vistas, and unique cultural heritage, it’s no wonder that numerous TV shows have chosen this southwestern state as their backdrop. In this article, we will delve into some fascinating facts about TV shows filmed in New Mexico, highlight frequently asked questions, gather insights from industry professionals, and conclude with some unique final thoughts.

TV Shows Filmed in New Mexico: 7 Unique Facts

1. Breaking Bad: Breaking Bad, the critically acclaimed AMC series, is perhaps the most iconic TV show to be filmed in New Mexico. Set in Albuquerque, the show follows the transformation of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher turned methamphetamine manufacturer. The series showcased various locations across the city, such as Walter White’s house, Los Pollos Hermanos, and the iconic “Breaking Bad” car wash.

2. Better Call Saul: A spin-off of Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul also found its home in Albuquerque. The prequel focuses on the life of Jimmy McGill, a small-time lawyer who eventually becomes the sleazy lawyer known as Saul Goodman. Fans of Breaking Bad will recognize familiar locations, as the show often features landmarks of Albuquerque.

3. Longmire: Based on the popular mystery novels by Craig Johnson, Longmire is a crime drama series set in the fictional Absaroka County, Wyoming. However, the majority of the show was filmed in New Mexico. The stunning landscapes of Santa Fe, Las Vegas, and other parts of the state provided a picturesque backdrop for the show’s small-town setting.

4. Roswell: This science fiction drama series, based on the Roswell High book series by Melinda Metz, follows the lives of three alien-human hybrids living in Roswell, New Mexico. While the show is set in Roswell, it was primarily filmed in various locations around California. However, the pilot episode was filmed in New Mexico, offering a glimpse of the state’s unique charm.

5. The Night Shift: Set in San Antonio, Texas, The Night Shift is a medical drama series that was partially filmed in Albuquerque. The show portrays the lives of doctors working the night shift at a fictional hospital. The production crew utilized various locations in Albuquerque to recreate the Texas setting, showcasing the versatility of the state as a filming destination.

6. In Plain Sight: This crime drama series, which aired on USA Network, is set in Albuquerque and revolves around the Witness Protection Program. The show extensively used real locations throughout the city, providing an authentic feel to the series. Many locals enjoyed spotting familiar places while watching the show.

7. Preacher: Based on the comic book series of the same name by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon, Preacher is a supernatural drama series set in Annville, Texas. While the show is primarily set in Texas, it was predominantly filmed in New Mexico. The state’s diverse landscapes and unique architecture allowed for the creation of the show’s distinct atmosphere.

12 FAQs About TV Shows Filmed in New Mexico

1. Why do TV shows choose New Mexico as a filming location?

TV shows choose New Mexico for its diverse landscapes, unique architecture, and generous tax incentives offered by the state. The desert landscapes, picturesque mountains, and historic towns provide an array of settings for different storylines.

2. How does filming in New Mexico impact the local economy?

Filming in New Mexico brings significant economic benefits to the state. It creates job opportunities for local crew members, boosts tourism, and supports local businesses such as hotels, restaurants, and transportation services.

3. Are there any famous landmarks in New Mexico that have been featured in TV shows?

Yes, several TV shows have showcased famous landmarks in New Mexico. For instance, Albuquerque’s distinctive Sandia Mountains have made appearances in various shows, adding an iconic touch to the backdrop.

4. Are there any ongoing TV shows currently filming in New Mexico?

Yes, there are currently several TV shows being filmed in New Mexico, including the popular series Better Call Saul and the crime drama series Mayans M.C.

5. How does New Mexico’s unique culture influence TV shows filmed there?

New Mexico’s rich cultural heritage, particularly its Native American and Hispanic influences, often find their way into the storylines and characters of TV shows filmed in the state. This adds a distinctive flavor to the narratives.

6. Are there any challenges that come with filming in New Mexico?

While New Mexico offers many advantages as a filming location, some challenges do exist. Extreme weather conditions, such as intense heat or sudden sandstorms, can occasionally disrupt productions. However, experienced crews are well-equipped to handle these challenges.

7. Has New Mexico been recognized for its contribution to the film and television industry?

Absolutely! The state has received numerous accolades for its support of the film and television industry. The New Mexico Film Office has been recognized as a leader in providing resources and support to productions filming in the state.

8. Are there any film festivals in New Mexico that celebrate TV shows filmed there?

Yes, New Mexico hosts several film festivals that celebrate both movies and TV shows filmed in the state. The Albuquerque Film & Music Experience and the Santa Fe Independent Film Festival are just a couple of examples.

9. How do TV shows impact local communities in New Mexico?

TV shows often collaborate with local communities, hiring extras, utilizing local businesses for catering and supplies, and engaging with residents. This collaboration fosters a sense of pride and excitement among locals.

10. Do TV shows bring any environmental concerns to New Mexico’s landscapes?

The film industry in New Mexico is committed to environmental sustainability. Productions adhere to strict guidelines to minimize their impact on the state’s landscapes, ensuring that the natural beauty is preserved for future generations.

11. How has the success of Breaking Bad influenced other TV shows filming in New Mexico?

Breaking Bad’s success has put New Mexico on the map as a desirable filming location. Many TV shows have followed suit, recognizing the state’s potential for providing visually stunning backdrops and captivating storylines.

12. Are there any future TV shows planning to film in New Mexico?

New Mexico continues to attract new TV productions due to its unique landscapes and supportive infrastructure. While specific details may not be publicly available, the state remains a top choice for many upcoming projects.

Insights from Professionals in the Field of Cinema and Literature

1. “New Mexico’s landscapes are like a character of their own, capable of shaping the mood and atmosphere of a story. The diversity of the state’s natural beauty offers endless possibilities for filmmakers and storytellers.” – A renowned film director.

2. “The cultural richness of New Mexico is a treasure trove for writers. The fusion of Native American, Hispanic, and Anglo influences creates a melting pot of stories waiting to be told.” – A bestselling author.

3. “Working on TV shows filmed in New Mexico has been a transformative experience. The local communities are welcoming and passionate about their state’s contribution to the film industry. It’s truly inspiring.” – A production designer.

4. “New Mexico’s landscapes have an ethereal quality that can transport viewers to different worlds. It’s a place where reality and fiction seamlessly blend, providing a unique canvas for storytelling.” – A cinematographer.

5. “The success of Breaking Bad has opened doors for aspiring filmmakers and actors in New Mexico. It has put the state on the radar as a place where stories can come alive and dreams can be realized.” – A casting director.

Unique Final Thoughts

New Mexico’s allure as a filming location for TV shows is undeniable. Its breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and supportive film industry have made it a favorite among both storytellers and audiences. From the iconic Breaking Bad to the captivating Better Call Saul, these shows have not only entertained viewers but also showcased the state’s remarkable beauty. As the TV industry continues to explore new narratives, it is certain that New Mexico will remain a prominent destination for captivating storytelling against the backdrop of the Land of Enchantment.

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