Starting Point®

Starting Point® is a quarterly storytelling series curated by Ms. Brittni Kellom, Executive Director of Just Speak Inc.  The series launched in November 2018 hosted by Red Bull Radio where storytellers brought their stories of resilience to the forefront before a sold-out yet intimate group of Detroiters.  The purpose is to share stories that are impactful, healing, and liberating to the storyteller and the listening audience. It is for all in attendance, a Starting Point.

The stories people tell have a way of taking care of them.
If stories come to you, care for them.
And learn to give them away
where they are needed.
Sometimes a person needs a story
more than food to stay alive.
That is why we put stories
in each other’s memory.
This is how people care for themselves.

                                                                      -Barry Lopez

Brittni Kellom, Executive Director talks about Just Speak, Inc.
1st group of Starting Point storytellers smile for the camera.
Starting Point® launched with great stories from these folks! LRay; Ideeyah; Brittni Kellom; Matthew Schmitt; Alanna Jackson; Amy Kaherl, emcee; Monica Blaire; and DJ Dez (not pictured).

From Our Storytellers & Guests…

“Hi Matthew, Nicole and I really enjoyed you and the storytelling event. We’re looking forward to the next event.” -T. Paule, II, Guest

“this. was. so. healing. I felt whole again…” Matthew Schmitt, Storyteller

“Rock On!” -Kim Williams, Guest

“Awesome, Inspiring, Life-Changing Event. The Power of Storytelling. #Resilience.” -Shellee Brooks, Guest

“…It was the artistic release that I didn’t realize I needed so badly. I had no script. I have no band. I wore no makeup. My son sat next to me the entire time. And I felt so. …FREE. “…the pleasure was absolutely mine. Thank you for curating such an amazing space for all of us to share in safety.” -Ideeyah, Storyteller & Performer

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