Help us continue our  FREE program outreach throughout Metro-Detroit community centers, schools and facilities.  More than 50% of Just Speak program participants are surviving abuse or neglect.  The outLOUD program takes an average of 40 hours a week to empower youth to have a voice by teaching coping skills, ways to resolve conflicts, and developing an emotionally healthy individual.

Lending a voice through programming raises the odds AGAINST child sexual abuse (CSA)! In 2015, of the 37,000 cases of CSA reported in Michigan, only 16% went to court*. With over 2 million children in Michigan, and an estimation of 1 in 4 children being abused before the age of 18 , over 250,000 go unreported. Advocacy for our young victims changes those numbers, by preventing and intervening with programs and training.


There are many ways you can help advance the mission of Just Speak, Incorporated and make a difference in the lives within our communities we serve. You can do any of the following:

  • Volunteer to become a member of the Just Speak Advocacy Team, or help out with administrative tasks or special events

  • Donation of money, goods or services


We desperately need:


  1. Donated heated space for peer groups, workshops and study time.
  2. A reliable, late model SUV to transport volunteers, supplies, and equipment to satellite locations.
  3. Sponsorship for programming and events  .
  4. Sponsorship for youth participants (when programs are in session): healthy snacks, incentives, tee shirts, and toiletries.


  • Just Speak 5K Walk/Run
  • Celebrity Cook-Off
  • A Major Event Hosted/Sponsored by Your Organization to Benefit Just Speak


*Data is taken from https://www.acf.hhs.gov/cb/resource/child-maltreatment-2015


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