“Your Silence will not protect you.”-Audre Lorde

Mountain Top, France

MOVE is the Solution…

Trauma informed movement centers kids in their bodies and has been proven to be critical in restoring mind, body and spirit. With societal tensions, the stress reactions caused by the current pandemic, and urban youth being represented disproportionately in long-term risk factors, MOVE provides spaces where self-regulation and resilience can be taught, learned, and practiced.

Our Impact

With school routines becoming more unpredictable, the constant adjustment to change and the fragility of the world that we’re all experiencing right now, there is a greater need to ground the body and still the mind. Youth, now, more than ever want to feel ‘normal’ and are yearning for a piece of rest.

Along with varying cultural views towards psychological support, those that don’t have access to the funds or appropriate resources lack the option to manage mental health challenges let alone specialized practices of mindfulness and sensory intervention. MOVE not only makes these practices accessible for youth from a variety of backgrounds but makes the skill of self-regulation and resilience available on-the-go.

  • Changes the neurobiology of trauma response and decreases traumatic reactions
  • Improves physical mobility and body awareness
  • Promotes positive social interaction and self-esteem
  • Improves academic performance
  • Lengthens focus and attention
  • Builds healthy school culture
  • Removes the stigma of trauma and healing


For ages 3-17, the MOVE program is designed to develop a habit of mindfulness in youth and improve their emotional intelligence. Immersed in sensory play, sessions are anchored around movement therapy theory, exploratory dance, mindfulness, body and mind relaxation exercises, and trauma informed practices to increase healthy socioemotional development. The program is centered on the idea that building the practice of moving the body is central to healing, helping young people regain a sense of physical & emotional self while promoting resilience.

  • Hybrid Offering-Virtual + In-person
  • 8-month curriculum
  • 12-week and summer sessions
  • Four age cohorts

K – 2 | 3 – 5 | 6 – 8 | 9 – 12 Grade Cohorts

3 – 7 | 8 -10 | 11 – 13 | 14 – 17 Age Cohorts

  • 45 to 60-minute facilitated sessions
  • RESTORE kits for each participant
  • MOVE festival (participant and community showcase)
  • An appreciation and desire to practice self-regulation and resilience on their own
Building resilience through dance.

MOVE’s dance team is called CORE. CORE members learn to improve their social skills, balance their schoolwork, and become disciplined through the art of dance. Students in grades 6-12 with advanced dance skills may compete as a CORE member.

To sign-up for the MOVE Program, apply here.

To support the team through donations, please donate here.

For more information about Just Speak, Inc. programs, email us at justspeak@justspeak.org.

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