Our programs are designed to educate, empower, and encourage youth ages 5-19 on the importance of physical, emotional, and sexual health. The goal is not only to offer a safe space for youth to find and exercise their own silence-breaking voice but to also encourage them to become agents of awareness in the community.


Created to develop peer allies in schools (grades 6-12), communities, and institutions of higher learning. outLOUD participants are involved in group discussions that include but are not limited to goal planning, bullying, coping strategies, teen dating violence, body image/body awareness and physical and mental health.  Students enjoy films, guest speakers, hands-on projects, service projects with local shelters and other organizations, and plan ally events for their school student body. All participants at every level will serve as peer educators conducting workshops and presentations for awareness.

Note: Younger participants only engage in age appropriate discussions. 


outLOUD Students enjoy a group exercise.


HealthyPLAY SafeTOUCH™

Designed to develop and reinforce effective coping skills while introducing appropriate touch and body awareness in children ages 5 to 11.  Participants will enjoy hands-on activities/scenarios, speakers, directed art projects, small workshops, and learn how to become peer educators.  HealthyPLAY SafeTOUCH encourages positive behavior, body image, cooperative play, autonomy, and boundaries.  Younger participants can also engage in smaller alternative service projects.


Young people ages 12-19 can process their traumatic experiences through art therapy projects, writing workshops, facilitated group discussions, hands-on activities, personal art displays, performance pieces, and awareness campaigns.  This program is a resource that encourages restoring the feeling of pride, exploring healthy emotion, creativity in expressing one’s story and provides dedicated advocates as support.

For more information about Just Speak, Inc. programs, email us at

Wayne State University Chapter of Just Speak Incorporated

Wayne State University student organization offering peer support and training on sexual assault and abuse. Students will conduct workshops, panel discussions and events to raise awareness and advocate for the prevention of sexual assault, abuse and dating violence.

Just Speak on the Avenue (This program is now ended)

A Pop-up venture through Revolve Detroit held October-November 2013.

Drop-in Thursday-Friday 3 – 7pm, Saturdays 10am – 6pm and Sundays 12noon – 5pm (Drop-in professional counseling); pop-up programming with Just Speak in Detroit. Young people ages 5-18 were provided with FREE youth-centered activities: art therapy, exhibits, performing arts, music and poetry slams .  Youth were involved in peer-to-peer groups on bullying, coping, abuse and relationships with free drop-in professional counseling on weekends, in a safe  & nurturing space. Special events were offered for the entire community.


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