Just Speak’s programs provide the opportunity to develop, implement, and evaluate trauma-informed intervention in a school setting. The results are:

  • improved behavior with fewer referrals,
  • increased attendance,
  • maximized staff and teacher satisfaction,
  • higher academic performance and readily available mental health resources for students.

Research shows that trauma-centered programs within schools break the cycle of trauma, fosters connectedness, and promote long-term well-being and resiliency for youth.

Our Executive Director, Brittni Kellom joined Dr. Chris Plum on his EDGURU podcast to share her professional insight on building trauma-informed communities and schools.

Please listen to the interview below:

outLOUD™ Grades 5-12

outLOUD™ curriculum includes, but is not limited to:

  • Trauma-informed training for Administration and all Staff
  • Classroom coaching
  • 1-on-1 or classroom sensory interventions utilizing TLC Starr™ methods
  • Yoga as a mindfulness practice (Yoga Foster™)
  • 45 and 60-minute facilitated play-based group sessions
  • Holistic wrap-around services for students, including parent workshops and mentors
  • Support team progress meetings
  • Service learning and exposure field trips

The program is available onsite, customized for 6 weeks, 5 months or an entire 10-month school year. Offerings can be individualized within groups, school-wide or both.  Programming takes place at the host school Monday-Friday during school hours, as an after-school initiative or both. Out-of-school engagement is for service learning, field trips, or referrals.

Harper Woods Group Exercise 

Note: Younger participants only engage in age appropriate discussions. 

HEALTHYplay SAFEtouch™

(Grades PreK-4)

Designed to develop coping skills and sensory awareness to prevent severe responses to trauma while introducing appropriate touch and body awareness in children.

Based on our foundational outLOUD™ curriculum, HEALTHYplay SAFEtouch™ is customized for younger children with age-appropriate activities, encouraging:

  • positive behavior modification
  • healthy body image and awareness
  • cooperative play
  • autonomy and boundaries


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