Just Speak’s programs provide the opportunity to develop, implement, and evaluate trauma-informed intervention in a school setting. The results are:

  • improved behavior with fewer referrals,
  • increased attendance,
  • maximized staff and teacher satisfaction,
  • higher academic performance and readily available mental health resources for students.

Research shows that trauma-centered programs within schools break the cycle of trauma, fosters connectedness, and promote long-term well-being and resiliency for youth.


Grades PreK-12

outLOUD™ curriculum:

MOVE is our trauma-centered program based in movement therapy to promote resilience physically and increase socio-emotional development. Grades PreK-12 develop coping skills and sensory awareness to prevent severe responses to trauma while introducing appropriate touch and body awareness in children. Our youth learn a mix of movements and age-appropriate activities that encourage:

  • positive behavior
  • healthy body image awareness
  • cooperative play
  • autonomy and boundaries
  • Trauma-informed training for Administration and all Staff
  • Classroom coaching
  • 1-on-1 or classroom sensory interventions utilizing TLC Starr™ methods
  • Yoga and Movement as a mindfulness practice
  • 45 and 60-minute facilitated play-based group sessions
  • Holistic wrap-around services for students, including parent workshops and mentors
  • Support team progress meetings
  • Service learning and exposure field trips

The program is available onsite, customized for an entire 10-month school year or to meet the needs of the youth organization. Offerings can be individualized within groups, school-wide or both.  Programming takes place at the host school Monday-Friday during school hours, as an after-school initiative or both. Out-of-school engagement is for service learning, field trips, or referrals.

Building resilience through dance.

MOVE’s dance team is called CORE. CORE members meet weekly, and learn to improve their social skills, balance their schoolwork, and become disciplined through the art of dance. Students in grades 4-12 with advanced dance skills may compete as a CORE member.

To learn more about the MOVE Program or CORE Team, please contact
programs@justspeak.org . To support the team through donations, please donate here.

For more information about Just Speak, Inc. programs, email us at justspeak@justspeak.org.

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