Just Speak, Inc. workshops and presentations can either be peer-led or facilitated by advocates and address effective coping, education based awareness, and promote general well-being through diverse activities as well as specialized subgroups.  Workshops are designed for a variety of ages and are for both academic and independent settings.

Below are just a few of the following topics that are discussed:

  • Childhood Trauma
  • Bullying
  • Child Sexual Abuse/Sexual Assault
  • Body Awareness/Self-Esteem
  • Teen Dating/Interpersonal Violence
  • Coping Skills
  • Locker Room Defense: Hazing and Harassment in Sports
  • Hazing and Harassment in Student Life

Professional Workshops 

Listen, Believe, Report!: Your Role as a Mandated Reporter 

Works with those responsible for the care of children at any level in learning possible signs/symptoms of abuse and properly reporting.


HealthyPLAY, SafeTOUCH

Emphasizes and demonstrates appropriate behavior, contact, and cooperative play in younger children ages 5 to 8 through interactive scenarios, “chants”, and brief lectures. This presentation is specially created to have young children model positive play and interaction for their peers!

Love, Mom: Perpetrators & Signs of Abuse

Mothers of survivors describe their experience while presenting possible symptoms and signs of abuse as well as the characteristics of a perpetrator. This presentation is discussion based and will address secondary symptoms methods of coping.

On Behalf of a Survivor

Young survivors share their experiences in an effort to build awareness and initiate conversations surrounding abuse.

For more information about Just Speak, Inc. workshops and presentations, email us at justspeak@justspeak.org. We would truly appreciate your financial support to our services! If you wish to donate, click here.

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