Mtg March Of The Machine Commander Spoilers

Title: MTG March of the Machine Commander Spoilers: A Glimpse into the Future


As avid Magic: The Gathering players eagerly await the release of the Commander set in 2024, titled “March of the Machine,” the anticipation for exciting new cards and mechanics keeps growing. With the promise of fresh gameplay experiences and a vibrant metagame, let’s delve into seven interesting facts about this highly anticipated set, followed by a comprehensive Q&A section to address common queries.

Fact 1: A Mechanical Revolution Unleashed

“March of the Machine” introduces a new game mechanic called “Augment.” This mechanic allows players to enhance creatures with powerful artifacts, enhancing their abilities and transforming them into formidable forces on the battlefield. Augment cards offer a unique opportunity to create diverse strategies and build decks around the theme of machine augmentation.

Fact 2: A Legendary Newcomer

This Commander set introduces a new legendary creature, Kallara, the Mechanical Maven. As a master inventor, Kallara synergizes with artifacts and brings an exciting twist to the game. Her ability to manipulate the battlefield and create powerful artifact synergies will undoubtedly make her a popular choice among deck builders.

Fact 3: A Multitude of Artifacts

“March of the Machine” showcases a plethora of artifacts, ranging from common utility tools to colossal war machines. These artifacts not only interact with the Augment mechanic but also offer a wide array of benefits, such as card draw, mana acceleration, and board control. Players can expect a dynamic environment where artifacts play a pivotal role in shaping the game.

Fact 4: New Planeswalker Decks

In addition to the Commander set, “March of the Machine” introduces a series of Planeswalker decks featuring iconic characters. These pre-constructed decks provide players with a convenient entry point into the format, complete with powerful cards, unique strategies, and exclusive alternate art cards. This inclusion aims to improve accessibility and appeal to both new and experienced players alike.

Fact 5: A Focus on Colorless Mana

To complement the abundance of artifacts, “March of the Machine” includes several cards that interact with colorless mana. This emphasis on colorless mana allows players to explore new deck archetypes and strategies, providing fresh options for deck customization. Whether it’s building around powerful Eldrazi or utilizing ancient artifacts, the possibilities are endless.

Fact 6: New Legends of the Past

This Commander set revisits beloved characters from Magic’s rich history, breathing new life into their stories. Players will be delighted to see familiar faces from eras past, as well as witness the evolution of their abilities and interactions with the Augment mechanic. This nostalgic element adds depth to the lore and sparks excitement for fans of the game’s narrative.

Fact 7: A Diverse and Inclusive Design

“March of the Machine” embraces diversity and inclusion by featuring a wide range of characters from different backgrounds and cultures. The set aims to celebrate the global Magic community, ensuring that players from all walks of life can find representation and connection within the game. This commitment to inclusivity further enhances the overall experience for players.

Q&A Section:

1. When will “March of the Machine” be released?

“March of the Machine” is set to be released in the spring of 2024. Stay tuned for official announcements from Wizards of the Coast.

2. What is the Augment mechanic?

The Augment mechanic allows players to enhance creatures with powerful artifacts, granting them additional abilities and transforming them into formidable forces on the battlefield.

3. Can any creature be augmented?

Yes, any creature can be augmented as long as you have an Augment card and a suitable target on the battlefield.

4. How do Augment cards work?

Augment cards can be cast as enchantments targeting a creature. Once attached, the creature gains the abilities and characteristics specified on the Augment card.

5. Will “March of the Machine” include reprints of older artifact cards?

While specific card lists have not been released, “March of the Machine” is likely to feature a mix of new cards and reprints, including iconic artifact cards from Magic’s history.

6. Are all the Planeswalker decks balanced against each other?

Yes, Wizards of the Coast aims to ensure that the Planeswalker decks are reasonably balanced against each other, allowing for enjoyable gameplay experiences.

7. Can Kallara, the Mechanical Maven be used as a Commander?

Yes, Kallara, the Mechanical Maven can be used as a Commander in the Commander format, offering exciting deck-building possibilities centered around artifact synergies.

8. What is the significance of colorless mana in the set?

Colorless mana plays a significant role in “March of the Machine” by enabling new deck archetypes and synergies, making for diverse and strategic gameplay experiences.

9. Will the set include powerful Eldrazi cards?

While specific card details have not been revealed, it is likely that “March of the Machine” will include Eldrazi cards or artifacts that synergize with Eldrazi themes.

10. How many new legendary creatures are expected in the set?

The exact number of new legendary creatures in “March of the Machine” has yet to be disclosed, but players can anticipate a substantial number of engaging legends to build their decks around.

11. Can Augment abilities be stacked on a single creature?

Yes, multiple Augment cards can be attached to a single creature, resulting in a stack of abilities and enhancements.

12. Will “March of the Machine” support multiplayer games?

Yes, as a Commander set, “March of the Machine” is specifically designed for multiplayer games, encouraging engaging and interactive gameplay experiences for multiple players.

13. Can Augment cards be used in other formats?

Augment cards introduced in “March of the Machine” are legal in formats that allow the use of cards from that set, such as Commander, casual play, and some supplementary formats.

14. How will “March of the Machine” impact the metagame?

With its new gameplay mechanics, diverse card pool, and inclusion of powerful artifacts, “March of the Machine” is expected to have a significant impact on the metagame, sparking new deck archetypes and strategic possibilities for players to explore.


As we eagerly await the release of “March of the Machine” in 2024, the exciting revelations and spoilers promise an engaging and diverse gameplay experience. From the introduction of the Augment mechanic to the inclusion of iconic characters, this Commander set opens up a world of possibilities for Magic: The Gathering players. With its emphasis on artifacts, colorless mana interactions, and commitment to inclusivity, “March of the Machine” is poised to revolutionize the Commander format and leave a lasting impact on the game as a whole.

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