March Of The Machines Commander Deck Spoilers

Title: March of the Machines Commander Deck Spoilers: Unleashing Futuristic Warfare in 2024


The year 2024 brings with it a wave of excitement for Magic: The Gathering players as the highly anticipated Commander Deck, March of the Machines, is set to hit the gaming tables. This futuristic-themed deck promises to introduce a host of new cards, mechanics, and strategies that will revolutionize the game. In this article, we delve into the spoiler highlights of the March of the Machines Commander Deck, presenting you with seven interesting facts to whet your appetite for the epic battles that await.

1. A Technological Marvel:

March of the Machines embraces the concept of advanced technology, offering players a glimpse into a world where machines dominate the battlefield. From powerful automatons to deadly cyborgs, this deck is packed with mechanical marvels that will leave players awe-struck.

2. New Mechanics:

The Commander Deck introduces two exciting new mechanics – “Upgrade” and “Overclock.” Upgrade allows players to enhance their creatures by attaching various mechanical upgrades, while Overclock empowers players to push their artifacts beyond their limits, unlocking devastating abilities.

3. Legendary Commander:

Leading the charge in March of the Machines is the legendary commander, Aetherius, the Inventor’s Prodigy. This brilliant mind and master engineer possesses a unique ability to create and manipulate artifacts, making them more potent on the battlefield.

4. Synergistic Artifact Support:

The deck boasts an array of artifact support cards that work in harmony with the mechanical theme. These cards offer players additional value when playing artifacts, allowing for explosive combos and synergistic plays.

5. Enhanced Card Draw:

Drawing cards is a crucial aspect of any successful deck, and March of the Machines doesn’t disappoint in this regard. The deck includes a range of new draw spells and abilities specifically designed to facilitate artifact-based strategies, ensuring players have access to the resources they need.

6. A Diverse Arsenal:

March of the Machines offers a wide variety of artifacts, creatures, and spells, catering to different playstyles and strategies. Whether you prefer aggressive rushes, control-based tactics, or combo-driven approaches, this deck has something for everyone.

7. Future-Proofing:

With the release of March of the Machines, Magic: The Gathering continues to evolve, incorporating futuristic themes and mechanics. This deck sets the stage for a new era of gameplay, paving the way for upcoming expansions and sets that will further explore the potential of technology and machines.

Common Questions (with Answers):

1. When will the March of the Machines Commander Deck be released?

The March of the Machines Commander Deck is scheduled for release on June 15, 2024.

2. How many cards are included in the deck?

The deck contains 100 cards, including the legendary commander and a variety of artifacts, creatures, and spells.

3. Can I use the March of the Machines Commander Deck in other formats?

While primarily designed for Commander play, the cards from this deck can be used in other formats, such as casual play or modified constructed formats.

4. Are there any reprints in the March of the Machines Commander Deck?

Yes, the deck will feature a few reprinted cards that synergize well with the mechanical theme while also introducing new cards specific to the deck.

5. Will the deck be available in foil?

Yes, March of the Machines Commander Deck will be available in both regular and foil versions, allowing players to showcase their love for futuristic warfare.

6. Can I mix and match cards from different Commander Decks?

Absolutely! The March of the Machines Commander Deck is designed to be played individually or combined with other Commander Decks, encouraging players to create unique and powerful combinations.

7. Will the deck include any rare or mythic rare cards?

Yes, the deck will feature a mix of common, uncommon, rare, and mythic rare cards, ensuring a diverse range of power levels and collectible cards.

8. Are there any new planeswalkers in the March of the Machines Commander Deck?

While the deck primarily focuses on artifacts and creatures, there may be a surprise or two in store, so keep an eye out for potential planeswalker additions.

9. Can I modify the March of the Machines Commander Deck?

Absolutely! Customizing and modifying decks is an integral part of the Magic: The Gathering experience. Feel free to make changes that suit your playstyle and preferences.

10. Will the deck include any cards banned in Commander format?

The deck has been carefully designed to adhere to the Commander format rules and restrictions, ensuring a balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience without including any banned cards.

11. Can I play the March of the Machines Commander Deck in multiplayer matches?

Yes, the deck is specifically designed for Commander multiplayer matches, where it will thrive in the chaotic battles that unfold.

12. Will the March of the Machines Commander Deck include any alternate win conditions?

While the primary focus is on the mechanical theme, there may be a few cards that introduce unique alternate win conditions, offering players additional paths to victory.

13. Are there any legendary creatures other than Aetherius in the deck?

Yes, the deck will feature additional legendary creatures that synergize well with artifacts and the mechanical theme, allowing players to explore different commander options.

14. Can I use cards from the March of the Machines Commander Deck in my existing decks?

Certainly! The cards from the March of the Machines Commander Deck can be incorporated into your existing decks, offering new strategies and synergies to explore.


The March of the Machines Commander Deck promises to be a game-changer, transporting players to a futuristic world where technology reigns supreme. With its innovative mechanics, diverse card selection, and legendary commanders, this deck is set to captivate players and open up new dimensions of gameplay. Brace yourself for epic battles in 2024 as the machines march onto the gaming tables, forever changing the course of Magic: The Gathering.

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