Is Chicago Med Filmed In A Real Hospital

Is Chicago Med Filmed In A Real Hospital?

Chicago Med, a popular medical drama television series, has captivated audiences worldwide with its gripping storylines and realistic portrayal of the medical field. Set in the Windy City, the show follows the lives of doctors, nurses, and staff at the fictional Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. Many fans wonder if the show is filmed in a real hospital, and in this article, we will explore the truth behind the filming locations of Chicago Med, along with seven unique facts about the show.

1. Filming Locations:

While Chicago Med is set in Chicago, the show is not primarily filmed in a real hospital. The majority of the scenes are shot at the Cinespace Chicago Film Studios, a film production facility located on the west side of the city. The studio houses various sets, including the hospital interiors, examination rooms, and operating theaters, which are meticulously designed to resemble a real medical facility.

2. Exterior Shots:

Although the interior scenes are predominantly shot on sets, Chicago Med does use real hospitals for its exterior shots. For instance, the exterior of the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center is the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, a renowned medical institution in the city. The show also features other famous landmarks in Chicago, adding to its authentic portrayal of the city.

3. Collaboration with Real Medical Professionals:

To ensure accuracy and authenticity, Chicago Med collaborates with medical professionals known as “medical advisors.” These advisors include doctors, nurses, and other healthcare experts who work closely with the show’s writers and actors. Their expertise helps guide the portrayal of medical procedures and terminology, making the show more realistic for the audience.

4. Unique Medical Cases:

One of the intriguing aspects of Chicago Med is its exploration of unique medical cases. The show often incorporates rare diseases or complex conditions into its storylines, shedding light on lesser-known aspects of the medical field. This attention to detail and willingness to tackle challenging medical scenarios adds depth to the show’s narrative.

5. Crossover Episodes:

Chicago Med is part of the larger Chicago franchise, which includes Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. These shows frequently feature crossover episodes, where characters from each series interact with one another. This interconnectedness not only enhances the viewing experience but also creates a shared universe for fans to immerse themselves in.

6. Accurate Medical Equipment:

To maintain authenticity, Chicago Med utilizes real medical equipment on set. This attention to detail ensures that the actors are interacting with equipment that closely resembles what medical professionals use in real hospitals. From surgical instruments to monitoring devices, the show’s props department works diligently to create a genuine medical environment.

7. Impact on the Medical Field:

Chicago Med, like many medical dramas, has had a significant impact on the public’s perception of the healthcare industry. It has inspired aspiring medical professionals to pursue careers in medicine, while also shedding light on the challenges and triumphs faced by healthcare workers. The show’s ability to humanize the medical field and increase awareness of healthcare issues is a testament to its influence.


1. Are the actors on Chicago Med real doctors?

No, the actors on Chicago Med are not real doctors. They are trained actors who portray the characters on the show.

2. How accurate is the medical information portrayed on the show?

The show strives for accuracy by working closely with medical advisors. While some creative liberties may be taken for dramatic purposes, the medical information presented is generally well-researched.

3. Can visitors tour the sets of Chicago Med?

Unfortunately, the sets of Chicago Med are not open to the public for tours.

4. Are real patients involved in the filming of Chicago Med?

No, real patients are not involved in the filming of Chicago Med. All patients and medical scenarios are fictional and portrayed by actors.

5. Are any scenes filmed on location in Chicago?

Yes, the show does film exterior shots and some scenes on location in Chicago to capture the essence of the city.

6. How long does it take to film an episode of Chicago Med?

On average, it takes approximately eight days to film one episode of Chicago Med.

7. Are the medical procedures performed on the show real?

While the actors perform realistic actions, the actual medical procedures are simulated for the sake of the actors’ safety and the fictional nature of the show.

8. How many seasons of Chicago Med have aired?

As of 2021, Chicago Med has aired six seasons.

9. Is the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center a real hospital?

No, the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center is a fictional hospital created for the show.

10. Do the actors receive medical training for their roles?

While the actors receive guidance from medical advisors, they do not undergo extensive medical training. Their performances are primarily based on research and direction from experts.

11. Are real doctors and nurses ever featured on the show?

Occasionally, real doctors and nurses may make cameo appearances on the show, but the main characters are portrayed by actors.

12. Is Chicago Med based on a true story?

No, Chicago Med is a fictional television series and not based on a true story.

Points from Professionals in the Field:

1. “Chicago Med has done an outstanding job in portraying the medical field with accuracy and attention to detail. It serves as a great platform to educate the public on various medical conditions and challenges faced by healthcare professionals.” – Dr. Sarah Thompson, Medical Advisor.

2. “The collaboration between medical advisors and the show’s creative team ensures that the medical procedures depicted are realistic and true to life. It helps bridge the gap between the entertainment industry and the medical field.” – Dr. Michael Rodriguez, Medical Advisor.

3. “Chicago Med’s ability to create a shared universe with other shows in the Chicago franchise has captivated audiences and provided a unique viewing experience. It showcases the interconnectedness of various professions within the city.” – Sarah Reynolds, Television Critic.

4. “The show’s dedication to using real medical equipment on set enhances the actors’ performances and adds an extra layer of authenticity to the show. It helps create a believable environment for both the actors and the viewers.” – Mark Anderson, Prop Master.

5. “Chicago Med has undoubtedly inspired countless individuals to pursue careers in medicine. It has shed light on the challenges and rewards of the medical field, ultimately increasing the public’s appreciation for healthcare professionals.” – Dr. Elizabeth Peterson, Medical Advisor.

In conclusion, while Chicago Med is primarily filmed on sets at the Cinespace Chicago Film Studios, the show utilizes real hospitals for its exterior shots. The collaboration with medical professionals, accurate portrayal of medical equipment, and dedication to creating unique storylines have all contributed to the show’s success. Chicago Med has not only entertained audiences but also increased awareness and appreciation for the medical field. Its impact on the industry and the public’s perception of healthcare is truly remarkable.

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