I Want To Become The Emperor So I Need A Divorce Spoiler

Title: I Want To Become The Emperor, So I Need A Divorce: Spoiler Alert!


In the year 2024, a thrilling drama series titled “I Want To Become The Emperor” captivated audiences worldwide. The show follows the journey of a determined individual who seeks to ascend the throne and become the emperor. A key plot twist in the series revolves around the protagonist’s need for a divorce. In this article, we will explore the intriguing storyline and share seven interesting facts about this particular plotline.

1. The Emperor’s Dilemma:

In “I Want To Become The Emperor,” the lead character finds himself torn between his love for his wife and his ambition to become the ruler of the empire. This internal conflict drives the narrative forward and creates a compelling storyline.

2. The Power Play:

As the protagonist delves deeper into the world of politics, he realizes that a divorce could provide him with an advantage in his quest for power. By severing his marital ties, he can form strategic alliances and gain the support of influential figures within the empire.

3. Historical Inspiration:

The drama draws inspiration from historical events, particularly those surrounding the various empires that existed throughout history. The narrative incorporates elements of political intrigue, power struggles, and the complexities of personal relationships during these turbulent times.

4. Legal Implications:

The need for a divorce in “I Want To Become The Emperor” introduces viewers to the legal intricacies associated with ending a marriage in the fictional empire. The show explores the challenges faced by the protagonist as he navigates the complex legal system and seeks a dissolution of his marriage.

5. Emotional Turmoil:

The divorce storyline delves into the emotional turmoil experienced by the lead character and his wife. Their relationship undergoes significant strain as they face the consequences of their choices and grapple with their feelings for one another amidst the pursuit of power and ambition.

6. Societal Expectations:

The series addresses societal expectations placed on individuals in positions of power. It presents the protagonist’s struggle to balance personal desires with the demands of being an emperor, shedding light on the sacrifices required to fulfill societal obligations.

7. Unexpected Consequences:

As the protagonist sets the wheels of divorce in motion, he soon realizes that the repercussions extend far beyond his personal life. The divorce becomes a catalyst for unexpected events, altering the course of the empire and the lives of those surrounding the lead character.

Common Questions:

1. Will the protagonist’s divorce affect his chances of becoming the emperor?

– Yes, the divorce plays a pivotal role in shaping the protagonist’s journey towards the throne. It impacts alliances, political standing, and challenges his personal relationships.

2. How does the divorce impact the lead character’s relationship with his wife?

– The divorce strains their relationship, creating emotional tension and highlighting the complexities of their love for one another amidst their ambitions.

3. Are there any legal barriers preventing the protagonist from obtaining a divorce?

– The show explores the legal challenges the protagonist faces, showcasing the complexities of the empire’s legal system.

4. Does the divorce storyline overshadow other aspects of the series?

– While the divorce serves as a central plotline, it is skillfully interwoven with other elements such as political intrigue, historical references, and the protagonist’s personal growth.

5. How does the divorce affect the protagonist’s political alliances?

– The divorce allows the protagonist to form new alliances based on political expediency, altering the dynamics within the empire.

6. Will the protagonist regret his decision to seek a divorce?

– Regret becomes a recurring theme as the protagonist navigates the consequences of his choices, leading to personal introspection and growth.

7. How do societal expectations impact the series’ narrative?

– The series explores the pressures placed on individuals in positions of power, shedding light on the sacrifices required to fulfill societal obligations.

8. Are there any unexpected twists related to the divorce storyline?

– Yes, the divorce serves as a catalyst for unforeseen events that have far-reaching consequences beyond the protagonist’s personal life.

9. Does the series offer any commentary on power and ambition?

– Yes, “I Want To Become The Emperor” delves into the complexities of power dynamics and the sacrifices individuals make in their pursuit of ambition.

10. Are there any parallels between the fictional empire and real historical empires?

– The series draws inspiration from historical events and incorporates elements of political intrigue and power struggles reminiscent of real historical empires.

11. How does the divorce affect the protagonist’s public image?

– The divorce impacts the protagonist’s public image, creating both supporters and detractors, and further complicating his journey towards becoming the emperor.

12. Is the divorce portrayed as a means to an end or a genuine desire for separation?

– The divorce serves as both a strategic move and a reflection of the protagonist’s personal desires, blurring the line between ambition and genuine emotions.

13. How does the series explore the emotional consequences of the divorce?

– “I Want To Become The Emperor” delves into the emotional turmoil experienced by the lead character and his wife, showcasing the impact of their choices on their emotional well-being.

14. Does the series conclude with the protagonist achieving his goal of becoming the emperor?

– To avoid spoilers, we won’t reveal the ending. However, the divorce plays a pivotal role in shaping the protagonist’s journey and the ultimate outcome of the series.


“I Want To Become The Emperor” masterfully blends history, politics, and personal relationships, with the divorce storyline serving as a catalyst for gripping plot twists and emotional complexity. As viewers immerse themselves in this captivating drama, they witness the protagonist’s struggle to reconcile his ambitions with his personal life, ultimately leading to an unforgettable journey through the fictional empire of 2024.

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