How To Spoiler A Video On Discord Mobile

Title: How to Spoiler a Video on Discord Mobile: Unveiling the Secrets of Hiding Content in 2024


As technology continues to evolve, so does our ability to share and consume media content. Discord, a popular communication platform, has become a hub for gamers, content creators, and communities to connect and share various types of media, including videos. However, there may be instances where you want to add an element of surprise or prevent spoilers for your fellow Discord users. In this article, we will explore how to spoiler a video on Discord Mobile in 2024, along with some interesting facts about this feature.

Interesting Facts about Spoilering Videos on Discord Mobile:

1. Enhanced Privacy and Control:

Discord developers recognized the importance of content privacy, leading to the introduction of the video spoiler feature. This option allows users to hide video thumbnails, providing an added layer of control over the content they share.

2. Preventing Unwanted Spoilers:

By spoiling a video, you can ensure that the surprise or intended experience remains intact for others. This feature is especially handy when sharing trailers, reaction videos, or any content with significant plot twists.

3. Easy Spoiler Tag Insertion:

In Discord Mobile’s updated version in 2024, the process of adding a spoiler tag to a video has been simplified. Users can now effortlessly apply the spoiler tag to videos, making it accessible to a wider range of Discord users.

4. Enhanced User Interaction:

The video spoiler feature encourages active user engagement, as it prompts viewers to actively uncover the hidden content. This creates a sense of anticipation and encourages discussion and interaction within Discord communities.

5. Customizable Spoiler Alerts:

Discord Mobile now allows users to customize spoiler alerts for videos. This feature enables the creator to add personalized messages, such as “Prepare for a jaw-dropping twist!” or “Beware of spoilers ahead!” This customization adds an extra layer of excitement for viewers.

6. Improved Accessibility:

Discord Mobile’s video spoiler feature caters to users with different accessibility needs. By hiding video thumbnails, individuals who are visually impaired or prefer to experience content without visual cues can now participate fully in Discord communities.

7. Increased User Satisfaction:

The introduction of the video spoiler feature in Discord Mobile significantly enhances user satisfaction by providing a solution to the issue of spoilers. This feature ensures that individuals can maintain their desired level of engagement with the content shared within their Discord servers.

Common Questions about Spoilering Videos on Discord Mobile:

1. How do I spoiler a video on Discord Mobile?

To spoiler a video on Discord Mobile in 2024, simply type “/spoiler” before sharing the video link or uploading the video file. This will hide the video thumbnail, keeping the content hidden until clicked upon.

2. Can I spoiler a video that someone else shared?

No, only the original uploader of the video can apply the spoiler tag. However, as a viewer, you can choose to avoid watching the video until you are ready to reveal the content.

3. Will the video automatically be hidden for all users?

Yes, the video will be hidden for all users until they actively click on it to reveal the content.

4. Can I spoil a video in a private message?

Yes, the video spoiler feature can be used in both public Discord servers and private messages. It allows you to control the visibility of content shared in various contexts.

5. Can I customize the spoiler alert message?

Yes, in the updated 2024 version of Discord Mobile, users can add personalized spoiler alert messages to create excitement and prepare viewers for the content they are about to see.

6. Can I spoil a video without hiding the thumbnail?

No, the purpose of the video spoiler feature is to hide the video thumbnail to prevent accidental spoilers and maintain the element of surprise.

7. Can I spoil a video in a voice chat?

No, the video spoiler feature is specifically designed for text channels and private messages. It does not apply to voice chats or voice channels.

8. How do I remove the spoiler tag from a video?

To remove the spoiler tag from a video, simply edit the message containing the video and remove the “/spoiler” command. The video thumbnail will then be visible to all users.

9. Can I spoil multiple videos in one message?

Yes, you can include multiple video links or upload multiple video files in a single message, and all of them will be hidden behind the spoiler tag.

10. Are there any size limitations for videos that can be spoiled?

In the 2024 version of Discord Mobile, the video spoiler feature supports a wide range of video file sizes, ensuring that users can freely share their preferred content without any limitations.

11. Can I use the video spoiler feature on all Discord platforms?

Yes, the video spoiler feature is available not only on Discord Mobile but also on the desktop and browser versions of Discord.

12. Will the video spoiler feature work on older versions of Discord Mobile?

No, the video spoiler feature is exclusive to the updated version of Discord Mobile released in 2024. You will need to update your app to access this feature.

13. Can I spoiler a video shared from a different website?

Yes, the video spoiler feature is compatible with video links from various websites, including YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitch.

14. Can I see who has clicked on the spoiler and viewed the hidden video?

No, Discord does not provide information about who has clicked on spoilers or viewed hidden content. The feature is designed to respect user privacy.


Discord Mobile’s video spoiler feature is a powerful tool that allows users to maintain surprise and prevent spoilers when sharing videos within their communities. With enhanced privacy, customizable alerts, and increased accessibility, this feature has become an integral part of Discord’s interactive platform experience. By following a few simple steps, users can ensure that the element of surprise remains intact, bringing joy and excitement to their Discord servers in 2024 and beyond.

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