How To Put The Spoiler On Discord

Title: How to Put the Spoiler on Discord: Unveiling Secrets in 2024


Discord, the popular communication platform for gamers and communities, continues to evolve and offer exciting features to its users. One such feature that adds an element of surprise and secrecy to conversations is the spoiler tag. In this article, we will explore how to put a spoiler on Discord and uncover seven interesting facts about this functionality. Additionally, we will address 14 common questions related to spoilers on Discord, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of this feature in the year 2024.

How to Put the Spoiler on Discord:

1. Step One: To use the spoiler tag on Discord, simply type two vertical bars (||) before and after the text you want to hide. This applies to both Discord’s desktop and mobile applications.

2. Step Two: Once you’ve enclosed the text in vertical bars, the spoiler will appear as a black box. Other users can reveal the hidden content by clicking or tapping on it.

3. Customizing Spoilers: Discord allows you to customize spoilers by changing the text color inside the spoiler box. To do this, add a vertical bar followed by a hash symbol (|#) before the opening vertical bar.

4. Multiple Spoilers: You can insert multiple spoilers in a single message by repeating the process outlined above. Each spoiler will appear as a separate black box.

5. Spoilers for Images and Links: Discord also supports spoilers for images and links. To create a spoiler for an image, simply add a vertical bar before the link. For links, use the Markdown format and add the word “spoiler” in square brackets followed by the link in parentheses.

6. Inline Spoilers: If you prefer to hide specific words within a sentence, use double vertical bars instead of single ones. For example, ||This is an ||inline spoiler|| example.||

7. Server-Wide Spoiler Setting: Server admins have the ability to enable or disable spoilers for the entire server. This setting can be found in the “Server Settings” menu under “Privacy Settings.”

Interesting Facts about Spoilers on Discord:

1. Spoiler Culture: The concept of spoilers has become increasingly prevalent in the digital age, with Discord embracing this trend to enhance user experience and maintain a sense of surprise.

2. Anti-Spoiler Measures: Discord’s spoiler tag helps prevent accidental spoilers and offers a layer of protection for those who wish to avoid certain content until they are ready.

3. Community Building: Spoilers can foster engaging discussions within communities, as users can freely share and discover hidden content without ruining the experience for others.

4. Artistic Expression: Artists and content creators can utilize spoilers to hide works in progress or to reveal artwork to specific individuals, building excitement and anticipation.

5. Book Clubs and Movie Nights: Discord’s spoiler feature is particularly useful for book clubs, film communities, and TV show enthusiasts, allowing them to discuss plot twists without spoiling the experience for others.

6. Team Collaboration: Spoilers can aid collaboration in gaming communities, where players can discuss strategies, hidden items, or Easter eggs without spoiling the entire game for newcomers.

7. Exclusive Content: Content creators and influencers can use spoilers to reward their loyal followers with exclusive sneak peeks, previews, or giveaways, fostering a sense of community and appreciation.

Common Questions about Discord Spoilers in 2024:

Q1. Can I use spoilers in private messages?

A1. Yes, spoilers can be used in both private and group messages on Discord.

Q2. Are spoilers only for text messages?

A2. No, you can also apply spoilers to images and links on Discord.

Q3. Can I change the color of the spoiler text?

A3. Yes, you can customize the spoiler text color by using the vertical bar followed by a hash symbol before the opening vertical bar.

Q4. Can I use spoilers on mobile devices?

A4. Absolutely! Discord’s spoiler tag works seamlessly on both desktop and mobile applications.

Q5. Can I use multiple spoilers in a single message?

A5. Yes, you can insert multiple spoilers in a single message by repeating the spoiler tagging process.

Q6. Can I reveal spoilers without clicking or tapping on them?

A6. No, spoilers remain hidden until clicked or tapped upon by users.

Q7. Can server admins disable spoilers?

A7. Yes, server admins have the ability to enable or disable spoilers for the entire server in the privacy settings.

Q8. Are spoilers visible in search results?

A8. No, Discord’s spoiler tag ensures that hidden content remains concealed from search results.

Q9. Can I create inline spoilers within a sentence?

A9. Yes, by using double vertical bars instead of single ones, you can create inline spoilers within a sentence.

Q10. Can I undo a spoiler?

A10. Once a spoiler is revealed, it cannot be re-hidden. Exercise caution while using spoilers to avoid accidental reveals.

Q11. Can I use spoilers in voice channels?

A11. No, spoilers are limited to text-based channels on Discord.

Q12. Can I use spoilers in Discord bots?

A12. Yes, spoilers can be incorporated into Discord bots’ functionalities.

Q13. Are there any character limits for spoilers?

A13. Discord does not impose specific character limits on spoilers, allowing you to hide lengthy text, images, or links.

Q14. Can I use spoilers to hide reactions or attachments?

A14. No, spoilers only apply to text, images, and links, not reactions or attachments.


Discord’s spoiler feature adds an intriguing layer of secrecy and surprise to conversations, allowing users to hide and reveal content at their own pace. By following a simple formatting rule, you can effectively utilize spoilers to enhance engagement, protect against accidental spoilers, and build vibrant communities. As Discord continues to evolve in the year 2024, spoilers remain an essential tool for maintaining excitement, fostering collaboration, and preserving the joy of discovery in various online communities.

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