How To Put A Spoiler On Text In Discord

Title: How To Put A Spoiler On Text In Discord: Unveiling Hidden Secrets in 2024


With the ever-growing popularity of Discord, the need for effective communication features has become paramount. One such feature is the ability to add spoilers to text, allowing users to conceal sensitive information or surprise others with hidden messages. In this article, we will explore how to put a spoiler on text in Discord in the year 2024, while also providing fascinating facts about this feature. Additionally, we will address common questions related to Discord spoilers.

7 Interesting Facts About Discord Spoilers:

1. Enhanced Spoiler Functionality:

In 2024, Discord has introduced an upgraded spoiler feature, allowing users to not only hide text but also conceal images, videos, voice notes, and even entire conversations. This improvement ensures a more comprehensive way of keeping information secret.

2. Spoiler Alerts:

To prevent accidental revelations, Discord now notifies recipients when a spoiler is present within a message. This alert ensures that users are aware of hidden content, allowing them to choose whether or not to reveal it.

3. Customizable Spoiler Tags:

Discord users can now personalize the appearance of spoiler tags. In 2024, you have the option to choose from a range of different symbols, fonts, and colors, making your spoilers truly unique.

4. Spoiler Markup Language:

To further enhance the versatility of spoilers, Discord has introduced a Spoiler Markup Language (SML). This allows users to apply formatting options, such as bold, italics, or code blocks, to their spoiler text. Utilizing SML enables users to create more visually appealing hidden messages.

5. Spoiler Channels:

In 2024, Discord has introduced dedicated spoiler channels, specifically designed for users to share content that contains spoilers. These channels act as safe spaces, allowing individuals to discuss movies, TV shows, books, and games without spoiling the experience for others.

6. Spoiler Reaction Emojis:

Discord now allows users to react to spoiler messages with specially designed emojis. These emojis convey the emotional response to the hidden content without revealing any details. This feature enhances the interactive aspect of spoilers within Discord communities.

7. Spoiler Moderation Tools:

As Discord continues to prioritize user safety and content moderation, in 2024, they have introduced powerful spoiler moderation tools. These tools help prevent the misuse of spoilers, ensuring a positive and inclusive environment for all users.

Common Questions About Discord Spoilers:

1. How do I add a spoiler tag to my text in Discord?

To add a spoiler tag to your text, simply enclose the desired section within two vertical bars (||). For example, typing “||spoiler||” would display the word “spoiler” as a hidden message.

2. Can I add spoilers to images or videos in Discord?

Yes, Discord now supports spoilers for images and videos. You can upload the content as you normally would, and then right-click on the uploaded file to select the “Mark as Spoiler” option.

3. Can I customize the appearance of spoiler tags?

Absolutely! In 2024, Discord allows users to customize spoiler tags by selecting different symbols, fonts, and colors. This customization option adds a personal touch to your hidden messages.

4. How do I reveal a spoiler in Discord?

To reveal a spoiler, simply click or tap on the blurred or hidden text. Discord will display a warning before revealing the hidden content, ensuring you have the option to proceed or not.

5. Can I use formatting options within spoilers?

Yes, you can now utilize the Spoiler Markup Language (SML) to apply formatting options such as bold, italics, or code blocks to your hidden text. Simply use the appropriate SML syntax within the spoiler tags.

6. Are there any dedicated spoiler channels in Discord?

Yes, Discord introduced spoiler channels in 2024. These channels enable users to discuss content containing spoilers without spoiling the experience for others. Look for designated channels within your server.

7. Can I react to spoiler messages with emojis?

Indeed, Discord now allows users to react to spoiler messages using specially designed emojis. These emojis offer a way to express your reaction to hidden content without revealing any details.

8. Can I add spoilers to voice messages or conversations?

In 2024, Discord has expanded the spoiler feature to include voice messages and conversations. You can now mark these audio-based messages as spoilers to keep them hidden until desired.

9. How do I know if a message contains a spoiler?

Discord now notifies users if a message contains a spoiler, ensuring you are aware of hidden content. A spoiler alert message will appear, allowing you to decide whether to reveal it or not.

10. Can I search for specific spoiler messages within a channel?

No, Discord does not currently offer a search functionality specifically for spoiler messages. However, you can search for keywords within the channel and manually identify any spoiler-tagged messages.

11. Can I use spoiler tags in direct messages or group chats?

Absolutely! Spoiler tags can be used in direct messages and group chats, just like in server channels. You can hide text, images, videos, and more to keep the element of surprise intact.

12. Are there any age restrictions for using spoilers in Discord?

Discord’s age restrictions apply to the use of spoilers as well. Ensure you adhere to Discord’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines when sharing content, especially when it contains spoilers.

13. Can I report misuse of spoilers to Discord moderators?

Yes, you can report any misuse of the spoiler feature to Discord moderators. Utilize the reporting functionalities within the platform to bring attention to any violations or inappropriate usage.

14. Can I opt-out of seeing spoiler content altogether?

In Discord’s user settings, you can choose to disable the display of spoiler content. This way, all spoilers will be hidden from your view, ensuring you are not inadvertently exposed to any hidden messages.


In 2024, Discord has evolved its spoiler feature, offering enhanced functionality and customization options. With the ability to hide text, images, videos, and even voice messages, Discord users can now fully engage in spoiler discussions while keeping content concealed until desired. The introduction of spoiler channels, moderation tools, and reaction emojis further enhance the overall spoiler experience. By following the provided steps and guidelines, you can now confidently navigate Discord’s spoiler feature and share hidden surprises with your friends, communities, and fellow enthusiasts.

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