How To Mark Things As Spoiler On Discord

Title: How To Mark Things As Spoiler On Discord: A Comprehensive Guide for 2024


As the year 2024 unfolds, Discord continues to be a widely-used platform for communication and community-building among gamers, hobbyists, and professionals alike. Within Discord, the ability to mark sensitive content as spoilers is crucial to maintaining a respectful and enjoyable experience for all users. In this article, we will explore the different methods of marking spoilers on Discord, provide seven interesting facts about this feature, and answer 14 common questions related to marking spoilers. Let’s dive in!

How To Mark Things As Spoiler On Discord:

1. Using the Spoiler Tag:

To mark a specific message or text as a spoiler, simply enclose it within double vertical bars, like this: ||spoiler||. This will hide the text and display a blurred overlay, allowing users to choose whether or not they want to reveal the content.

2. Spoiler Images:

To mark an image as a spoiler, upload it to Discord as you normally would, and then right-click on it. From the context menu, select the “Mark as Spoiler” option. The image will be blurred until users decide to reveal it.

3. Spoiler Thumbnails:

Discord also offers the option to display a blurred thumbnail of an image, indicating that it contains spoilers. To achieve this, add “spoiler-” before the image’s filename when uploading it.

4. Spoiler Channels:

In some instances, you may want to designate an entire channel as a spoiler channel. To do this, head to the channel settings, go to “Permissions,” and set the “Read Messages” permission to “off” for regular users. This way, the content within the channel will be hidden until users actively choose to view it.

5. Spoiler-Free Roles:

For servers with multiple channels, you can create a “spoiler-free” role. Users with this role will have access to channels that do not contain any spoilers, ensuring they can enjoy Discord without the fear of accidentally stumbling upon sensitive content.

6. Spoiler Alerts:

Discord bots can be utilized to automatically detect and alert users when potential spoilers are mentioned. These bots can be configured to send warnings or blur out specific keywords, helping to maintain a spoiler-free environment.

7. Spoiler Tags in Voice Channels:

While Discord primarily revolves around text-based communication, you can also mark audio content as spoilers. By using a bot, you can add a spoiler tag to an audio file’s name, ensuring users are aware of its potentially sensitive nature.

Seven Interesting Facts about Discord’s Spoiler Feature:

1. Discord introduced the spoiler feature in response to user requests for a way to hide sensitive content and maintain a surprise factor during discussions.

2. The spoiler feature was initially released on April 1st, 2017, but it quickly gained popularity and became a permanent addition to Discord.

3. Discord’s spoiler feature was inspired by similar functionality found in popular media platforms, such as Reddit and other social media networks.

4. The blurred overlay effect used to hide spoilers on Discord is known as the “spoiler shield.”

5. In addition to text and images, Discord also allows users to mark videos and links as spoilers, ensuring a comprehensive spoiler tagging experience.

6. Discord’s spoiler feature has been widely applauded for its ease of use and effectiveness in preventing accidental spoilers.

7. The spoiler feature has sparked creativity among Discord users, leading to the development of various bots, extensions, and plugins that enhance the experience even further.

Common Questions about Marking Spoilers on Discord:

Q1: Can I mark spoilers in private messages?

A1: Yes, you can use the spoiler tag (||spoiler||) in private messages to hide sensitive content.

Q2: Can I mark spoilers on mobile devices?

A2: Absolutely! The spoiler feature is available on Discord’s mobile app as well, allowing you to mark spoilers on the go.

Q3: Can I unmark a spoiler after it has been revealed?

A3: Unfortunately, once a spoiler has been revealed, it cannot be re-blurred. However, you can always delete the message or image if necessary.

Q4: Can I create a spoiler channel for a limited time?

A4: Yes, you can change the channel permissions temporarily to restrict access to a specific channel during spoiler-heavy events or discussions.

Q5: Are spoiler tags customizable?

A5: As of 2024, Discord does not offer customization options for spoiler tags. They are represented by a default blurred overlay.

Q6: Can I mark spoilers in video calls or live streams?

A6: Currently, Discord’s spoiler feature is limited to text-based channels and does not extend to live video calls or streams.

Q7: Can I hide spoilers from specific users?

A7: Discord does not provide a built-in feature to hide spoilers from specific users. However, you can create a separate spoiler-free channel or role for users who wish to avoid spoilers.

Q8: Are there any limitations to the size or format of spoiler images?

A8: Discord supports a wide range of image formats and sizes for spoiler images. However, excessively large files may take longer to load for users.

Q9: Can I mark an entire message thread as a spoiler?

A9: Unfortunately, marking an entire message thread as a spoiler is not currently supported on Discord.

Q10: Can I preview a spoiler without fully revealing the content?

A10: No, once you choose to reveal a spoiler, it will be displayed in its entirety.

Q11: Is there a way to mark spoilers in server announcements?

A11: As of 2024, server announcements do not support spoiler tags. However, you can advise users within the announcement to proceed with caution due to potential spoilers.

Q12: How can I report misuse or abuse of the spoiler feature?

A12: Discord provides a reporting system for users to submit abuse reports. You can report any violations related to spoilers through the appropriate channels.

Q13: Can I use spoiler tags in Discord’s search function?

A13: No, spoiler-tagged content will not be displayed in search results. This ensures that spoilers are not inadvertently revealed while searching for specific messages.

Q14: Are there any plans to add more spoiler features in the future?

A14: Discord is continuously evolving its platform, and while specific plans are not disclosed, it is possible that new spoiler-related features may be introduced in the future.


Discord’s spoiler feature in 2024 offers users a comprehensive and effective way to protect sensitive content and maintain an enjoyable experience within communities. By employing various methods, such as spoiler tags, spoiler channels, and spoiler-free roles, users can enjoy Discord while avoiding accidental spoilers. With these tools at your disposal, you can navigate the vast world of Discord with confidence, knowing that you can enjoy discussions, events, and surprises without fear of spoilers.

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