How To Mark Stuff As Spoiler On Discord

Title: How to Mark Stuff as Spoiler on Discord: A Complete Guide for 2024


In the ever-evolving world of online communication, Discord has emerged as a popular platform for communities to connect and share their interests. With its versatile features, Discord provides a rich user experience. One such feature is the ability to mark spoilers, ensuring that sensitive information remains hidden until the user is ready to view it. In this article, we will explore how to mark stuff as spoilers on Discord in 2024, along with some interesting facts about the platform.

Interesting Facts about Discord in 2024:

1. Massive User Base: As of 2024, Discord boasts an astounding 600 million registered users globally, cementing its position as one of the leading communication platforms for gamers and communities alike.

2. Extensive Integration: Discord has continued to expand its integration capabilities, allowing users to connect various services seamlessly. From Spotify to YouTube, Twitch, and more, Discord integrates with popular platforms, enabling users to share their favorite content effortlessly.

3. Screen Sharing Revolution: Discord has revolutionized screen sharing, making it easier than ever for individuals to collaborate remotely. With enhanced features and improved video quality, Discord has become a go-to platform for virtual meetings and online learning.

4. Enhanced Security Measures: In response to growing concerns regarding online privacy, Discord has implemented robust security measures. In 2024, two-factor authentication has become the norm, providing an additional layer of protection for user accounts.

5. Customizable Community Servers: Discord allows users to create and customize their own servers, fostering a sense of community and enabling individuals to connect with like-minded individuals who share similar interests.

6. Nitro Boosting: Discord Nitro Boosting has gained immense popularity, offering enhanced perks to users who support their favorite servers. With exclusive features like higher quality voice channels and custom emojis, Nitro Boosting has become a sought-after status symbol.

7. Mobile App Advancements: Discord’s mobile app has seen significant advancements in 2024, offering a seamless user experience on both iOS and Android devices. With improved stability and new features, users can stay connected on the go.

How to Mark Stuff as Spoiler on Discord in 2024:

1. Text Spoilers: To mark text as a spoiler on Discord, simply wrap the sensitive content with double vertical bars (||). For example, typing ||spoiler|| will hide the word “spoiler” until the user hovers over it.

2. Image Spoilers: To mark an image as a spoiler, click on the “Upload File” button in the chatbox and select the image you wish to share. Before sending it, click on the “Mark as Spoiler” checkbox, ensuring that the image is hidden until clicked upon.

3. Video Spoilers: Similar to image spoilers, you can mark videos as spoilers by clicking the “Upload File” button and selecting the video. Enable the “Mark as Spoiler” checkbox before sending it, hiding the video until it is clicked upon.

4. Spoiler Tags: Discord also offers a convenient spoiler tag feature. Simply type “/spoiler” before your message, and Discord will automatically mark it as a spoiler, hiding the content until clicked upon.

5. Inline Spoilers: Discord now supports inline spoilers, allowing you to hide specific words or phrases within a sentence. To use this feature, wrap the sensitive content with double vertical bars (||) within the sentence.

6. Spoiler Channels: Server administrators have the option to create spoiler-specific channels, where all content is automatically marked as spoilers. This ensures that discussions in those channels remain spoiler-free until users actively choose to view them.

7. Mobile Spoiler Marking: On the Discord mobile app, marking content as a spoiler is as simple as long-pressing the message or image and selecting the “Mark as Spoiler” option from the context menu.

Common Questions about Spoilers on Discord in 2024:

1. Can I mark spoilers in voice chats?

No, currently, Discord only supports marking text, images, and videos as spoilers. Voice chats do not have a spoiler feature.

2. Can I edit or remove spoilers after sending them?

No, once a message, image, or video is marked as a spoiler and sent, it cannot be edited or removed. Ensure you mark spoilers correctly before sending.

3. Are spoiler tags visible in notifications?

No, spoiler tags are not visible in notifications. However, they will still be hidden within the Discord app until clicked upon.

4. Can I control who can view spoilers on my server?

Yes, server administrators can manage roles and permissions to control who can view spoilers in specific channels.

5. Can I view spoilers on the Discord website without the app?

Yes, spoilers can be viewed on the Discord website without needing to download the app. Just click on the spoiler to reveal its content.

6. Can I customize the appearance of spoiler tags?

No, in 2024, Discord does not offer customization options for spoiler tags. They will appear as the default hidden content until clicked upon.

7. Is there a limit to the number of spoilers I can mark in a message?

No, you can mark multiple spoilers within a single message. Just wrap each sensitive content with double vertical bars (||).

8. Can I mark entire conversations as spoilers?

No, you cannot mark entire conversations as spoilers. Spoilers are applied to specific messages, images, or videos.

9. Are spoilers visible in search results?

No, spoilers are hidden in search results until clicked upon, ensuring the element of surprise is maintained.

10. Can I use spoiler tags in private messages?

Yes, you can use spoiler tags in private messages, keeping sensitive information hidden from the recipient until they choose to view it.

11. Can I mark spoilers in server announcements or pinned messages?

No, currently, Discord does not support marking spoilers in server announcements or pinned messages.

12. Are spoiler tags available in group DMs?

Yes, you can mark spoilers in group DMs by using the same spoiler tag methods mentioned earlier in the article.

13. Can I remove spoiler tags from a message or image?

No, once a message or image is marked as a spoiler, the tag cannot be removed. The content will be permanently hidden until clicked upon.

14. Can I preview spoiler images or videos without revealing their content?

No, currently, Discord does not provide a preview option for spoiler images or videos. The content will be revealed upon clicking.


Discord’s spoiler feature offers users a secure and controlled way to share sensitive content while ensuring the element of surprise or suspense is preserved. By following the methods mentioned above, you can effectively mark text, images, and videos as spoilers on Discord in 2024. As Discord continues to evolve and enhance its features, users can look forward to even more exciting developments in the years to come.

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