How To Make Things Spoiler In Discord

Title: How To Make Things Spoiler In Discord: Unveiling the Mysteries of Hiding Content


Discord has become the go-to platform for communication, collaboration, and gaming communities. With its vast array of features, Discord offers users the ability to share information, engage in discussions, and form communities. One particularly handy feature is the ability to create spoilers, allowing users to hide content and prevent spoilers from ruining the experience for others. In this article, we will explore how to make things spoiler in Discord, along with seven interesting facts about this feature. Additionally, we will address 14 common questions regarding spoilers in Discord, providing comprehensive answers to help you navigate this exciting platform in the year 2024.

How To Make Things Spoiler In Discord:

1. Text Spoilers:

To create a spoiler for text-based content, simply surround the desired text with double vertical bars (||). For example, typing ||spoiler|| will render the text as a spoiler, hiding it until clicked.

2. Image Spoilers:

To hide images as spoilers, you can upload the image directly into the Discord chat. Hovering over the image will reveal a small “eye” icon. Clicking on this icon will unveil the image to users.

3. Video Spoilers:

Videos can also be hidden as spoilers on Discord. To do this, paste the video’s link into the chat. The video will appear as a clickable link, and users can choose to click on it to reveal the content.

4. Spoiling Multiple Lines:

If you wish to hide multiple lines of text, simply place the double vertical bars (||) at the beginning and end of each line. This way, the entire block of text will be hidden until clicked.

5. Spoiler Tags:

Discord also offers a spoiler tag feature. By typing “/spoiler” before your text, images, or videos, the content will automatically be hidden until clicked.

6. Spoiling Links:

When sharing links, Discord automatically embeds a preview of the content. To hide the preview and turn the link into a spoiler, add double vertical bars (||) around the link.

7. Spoiler Roles:

Server administrators also have the ability to assign roles specifically for spoilers. These roles can be granted to users who consistently mark their content as spoilers, creating a dedicated community within the server.

Interesting Facts about Discord Spoilers:

1. Discord Spoilers were introduced in 2017 as a response to the growing popularity of the platform among gaming communities.

2. Spoilers can be a crucial tool for maintaining a positive user experience, allowing users to control their exposure to content without missing out on discussions.

3. Discord Spoilers are widely used for TV shows, movies, books, and video game discussions to prevent accidental spoilers.

4. The ability to hide spoilers has significantly reduced conflicts and disputes among community members on Discord.

5. Spoiler tags have become a common courtesy in online gaming communities, fostering a more inclusive and spoiler-free environment.

6. Discord Spoiler roles have gained popularity, encouraging users to actively participate in spoiler-free discussions and enhancing community engagement.

7. Discord continuously updates its spoiler features to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience for its ever-growing user base.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Can I use spoiler tags on Discord for mobile devices?

Yes, spoiler tags are fully functional on both desktop and mobile versions of Discord.

2. Can I customize the appearance of Discord spoilers?

No, the appearance of Discord spoilers is standardized and cannot be customized.

3. Are there any character limits for Discord spoilers?

Discord does not impose any specific character limits for spoilers.

4. Can I use spoiler tags in direct messages?

Yes, you can use spoiler tags in direct messages on Discord.

5. How do I enable spoilers on my Discord server?

Spoilers are an inherent feature in Discord and are automatically enabled for all users.

6. Can I disable spoilers on my Discord server?

No, as a server member, you cannot disable the spoiler feature. However, server administrators have the ability to modify server-wide settings.

7. Can I create nested spoilers within a single message?

No, Discord does not currently support nesting spoilers within a single message.

8. Do spoilers work in voice channels on Discord?

No, spoilers are only applicable to text-based content and do not extend to voice channels.

9. Can I use spoilers in Discord bots?

Yes, Discord bot developers can implement spoiler functionality within their bots.

10. Are spoilers accessible to screen readers for visually impaired users?

Yes, Discord ensures compatibility with screen readers, allowing visually impaired users to engage with spoiler content.

11. How can I report misuse of spoilers on Discord?

If you encounter misuse of spoilers, you can report it to the server administrators or the Discord Trust & Safety team.

12. Can I use spoilers in Discord Nitro animated emojis?

No, spoilers do not apply to Discord Nitro animated emojis.

13. Can I search for spoilers within a Discord server?

Currently, Discord does not offer a built-in search feature specifically for spoilers.

14. Are spoilers visible in Discord notifications?

No, spoilers are not visible in Discord notifications, ensuring that content remains hidden until explicitly clicked.


Mastering the art of using spoilers on Discord is essential for creating an inclusive and enjoyable community experience. By following the simple steps outlined above, you can effectively hide text, images, and videos, allowing your fellow community members to explore content at their own pace. As Discord continues to evolve and improve its features, spoiler functionality remains a valuable asset for maintaining the integrity of discussions and preventing unsolicited spoilers. Embrace the power of spoilers on Discord and delve into the world of uninhibited communication and shared experiences in the year 2024.

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