How To Make A Spoiler Text In Discord

How To Make A Spoiler Text In Discord: A Guide for 2024


Discord has become a prominent platform for gamers, communities, and friends to communicate and share information. One of the most popular features within Discord is the ability to hide spoilers in text channels. Spoiler tags allow users to share information without ruining the surprise for others. In this article, we will explore how to make a spoiler text in Discord and provide some interesting facts about this feature. Additionally, we will address common questions that users might have regarding spoiler tags in Discord.

How to Make a Spoiler Text in Discord:

To create a spoiler text in Discord, follow these simple steps:

1. Open Discord and navigate to the text channel where you want to add a spoiler.

2. Type your message as you normally would, but ensure that the spoiler content is enclosed within double vertical bars (||) at the beginning and end of the text. For example: ||This is a spoiler text||

3. Once you hit enter, the text will be hidden and displayed as a spoiler.

4. To reveal the spoiler, users can simply click on the blurred text.

Now that we know how to create spoiler text in Discord, let’s explore some interesting facts about this feature:

Interesting Facts:

1. Spoiler tags were introduced to Discord in 2024, allowing users to hide sensitive or spoiler-filled information from others.

2. Spoiler text can be used not only for gaming discussions but also for TV shows, movies, books, and other forms of media.

3. Discord’s spoiler tags have become a popular way for communities to engage in discussions without revealing crucial plot points or surprises.

4. Spoiler text is especially useful for live events such as gaming tournaments or TV show premieres, where users can discuss the happenings in real-time without spoiling the experience for others.

5. Discord offers an option to enable or disable spoiler tags for individual servers, allowing server admins to customize their community’s experience.

6. Spoiler tags can be used in both desktop and mobile versions of Discord, making it accessible to users across various platforms.

7. Discord’s spoiler tags have undergone several updates since their launch, including improved visibility options and customization features.

Common Questions about Spoiler Tags in Discord:

1. Can I use spoiler tags in private messages?

No, currently, spoiler tags can only be used in public text channels.

2. Can I customize the appearance of spoiler text?

Discord offers limited customization options for spoiler text. Users can only change the color of the blurred text.

3. Can I use spoiler tags in voice channels?

No, spoiler tags only work in text channels. However, you can mention that you have a spoiler to share and move to a text channel for further discussion.

4. Can I use spoiler tags in Discord bots?

Yes, developers can implement spoiler tags in Discord bots by utilizing the appropriate API.

5. Can I use spoiler tags in Discord mobile apps?

Yes, spoiler tags are fully supported in Discord’s mobile apps, available for both iOS and Android.

6. Can I use spoiler tags in Discord video calls?

No, spoiler tags are currently not available within video calls. They are limited to text channels only.

7. Can I use spoiler tags for images or videos?

No, spoiler tags only work for text content. To hide images or videos, you can use the blur function provided by Discord.

8. Can I search for spoiler text in Discord?

Yes, you can search for spoiler text within Discord. However, the results will appear blurred until you click on them.

9. Can I use spoiler tags in Discord’s direct messages?

No, spoiler tags are not available in direct messages. They are only applicable in public text channels.

10. Can I use spoiler tags in Discord’s embeds or rich media?

Yes, spoiler tags can be used within embeds or rich media content shared in text channels.

11. Can I use spoiler tags for multiple lines of text?

Yes, you can use spoiler tags for multiple lines of text by enclosing the entire block of text within double vertical bars (||).

12. Can I disable spoiler tags in my Discord server?

Yes, server admins have the option to enable or disable spoiler tags for their server.

13. Can I use spoiler tags for usernames or nicknames?

No, spoiler tags are not applicable to usernames or nicknames in Discord.

14. Can I use spoiler tags in Discord’s group DMs?

No, spoiler tags are not currently supported in group DMs. They are limited to public text channels.


Spoiler tags in Discord have revolutionized how users communicate and share information without spoiling surprises for others. By following a simple format, users can easily conceal and reveal spoilers in text channels. This feature has become a staple for gaming, media, and community discussions, enhancing the overall user experience. With the ability to customize spoiler tags and support across multiple platforms, Discord continues to evolve and improve this popular feature. So, next time you’re discussing a thrilling movie or a plot twist in a video game, remember to use spoiler tags to keep the suspense intact!

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