“Your Silence will not protect you.”-Audre Lorde

Mountain Top, France

Through the years, Just Speak has enjoyed the support of many who have participated in our programs, workshops, and events; or believe in our mission and witnessed our advocacy in action.  Their support has often translated into financial contributions, strategic partnerships, resources, and fundraising. And that transformed into…

Friends of Just Speak Incorporated is a auxiliary membership group whose purpose is to support our mission through fundraising. They are very active members of the community who use their personal and professional resources to strategically plan fundraising and awareness events for Just Speak. No time for meeting after meeting, but love meeting people and fundraising for a good cause? Join the Friends of Just Speak Inc. and push our advocacy toward their goals to offer top programming and services to young survivors of child sexual abuse, abuse and neglect.



To join the Friends of Just Speak group, please forward your resume or CV and a brief statement of your interest to: FriendsofjustSpeak@justspeak.org