“Your Silence will not protect you.”-Audre Lorde

Mountain Top, France

Donating is EASY…

We offer several ways to donate…

To help support the mission of Just Speak, Incorporated, we invite you to make a financial contribution or donate services. Just Speak, Incorporated is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization advocating for children to build trauma-informed schools and youth organizations. We are the recipient of several awards and recognition, including the Governor’s Service Award for Outstanding Volunteer Program.

You can donate safely through Network for Good

Donate one time or become a continuous giver!!

Donate Now

Or donate safely and securely through

Select Just Speak as Your Amazon Charity

You Be the Host

Host an event for Just Speak through the 3rd party fundraising option!

Host a virtual dinner, tea party, or major event for Just Speak! To arrange for third party fundraising, please contact us at justspeak@justspeak.org

Your donation is tax-deductible.

Your donations will help fund our free and low cost programs and training throughout Metro Detroit, including  our collaborative efforts with public and charter school programs. Supplies and kits for our youth average $100-150 per child each session. During a regular school year we host at least two sessions of 30 children. Our advocate training costs us approximately $50.00 per person, which averages about $50,000 annually. Our training provides volunteers, caregivers, parents, and educators with additional skills in trauma support, and mandated reporting.

*Contact us to host an event to raise awareness and funds at justspeak@justspeak.org


Financial contributions to support our programs can be made in the following ways:

In-kind Contributions

Donations of goods or services are always appreciated. Some examples of goods and services needed include:

  • Donate work space
  • Tablets/Laptops
  • Tap & jazz/hiphop dance shoes
  • Composition notebooks, pens
  • Journals
  • Healthy snacks
  • A transportation van

For more information, contact us at (313) 355-3035 or by email at justspeak@justspeak.org.

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