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Dirty Dancing is a timeless classic that captured the hearts of millions of viewers when it was released in 1987. Set in the summer of 1963, the film follows the story of Frances “Baby” Houseman, a sheltered teenager who falls in love with the charismatic dance instructor, Johnny Castle. The movie was not only a box office success but also left a lasting impact on the film industry as a whole. What many people may not know is that Dirty Dancing was filmed in North Carolina, adding another layer of charm and authenticity to the story. In this article, we will explore the unique facts about Dirty Dancing being filmed in NC, answer frequently asked questions about the movie, and provide insights from professionals in the field of cinema and literature.

1. Historic Lake Lure: The picturesque Lake Lure, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, served as the primary filming location for Dirty Dancing. Its stunning beauty and serene atmosphere provided the perfect backdrop for the summer resort where the movie takes place.

2. Mountain Lodge: The Mountain Lake Lodge, previously known as the Mountain Park Hotel, was transformed into the fictional Kellerman’s Resort for the film. This iconic lodge became the heart of the movie, hosting scenes such as the dance lessons, staff quarters, and the iconic water lift scene.

3. Real Staff as Extras: To add an authentic touch to the film, the production team hired real employees from the Mountain Lake Lodge to act as extras. This gave the movie an even more genuine feel, as the staff members were familiar with the daily operations of a resort.

4. “I Carried a Watermelon”: The famous line uttered by Jennifer Grey’s character, Baby, was inspired by screenwriter Eleanor Bergstein’s own experience. While at a resort in the Catskills, Bergstein’s father embarrassingly asked her if she wanted to carry a watermelon, just like Baby’s father in the movie.

5. Filming Challenges: Shooting Dirty Dancing in North Carolina presented its fair share of challenges. The summer months brought sweltering heat, causing the actors to frequently sweat through their costumes. Additionally, the lake water was frigid, making the water scenes particularly challenging for the cast.

6. “Time of My Life” Choreography: The iconic final dance scene, set to the song “Time of My Life,” was rehearsed extensively by the cast. The choreography was a collaboration between Kenny Ortega, the film’s choreographer, and the lead actors, Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. It remains one of the most memorable dance sequences in cinematic history.

7. Cultural Impact: Dirty Dancing not only became a beloved film but also influenced popular culture in various ways. The soundtrack, featuring hits like “Hungry Eyes” and “She’s Like the Wind,” topped the charts, and the movie’s dance moves, particularly the lift, became a cultural phenomenon.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Was Dirty Dancing based on a true story?

No, Dirty Dancing is not based on a true story. However, screenwriter Eleanor Bergstein drew inspiration from her own experiences and the culture of summer resorts in the 1960s.

2. Where can I visit the filming locations of Dirty Dancing?

The primary filming location, Lake Lure, and the Mountain Lake Lodge in North Carolina are open to the public and can be visited by fans of the movie.

3. Who was the choreographer for Dirty Dancing?

Kenny Ortega served as the choreographer for Dirty Dancing and played an integral role in creating the film’s dance sequences.

4. Did Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey get along during filming?

While Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey had a brief period of tension during the filming due to personal differences, they ultimately worked through it and delivered outstanding performances.

5. Did Jennifer Grey perform the iconic lift herself?

No, the iconic lift in Dirty Dancing was performed by a professional dancer, Erik “Spike” Silver. Jennifer Grey was not comfortable attempting the lift due to safety concerns.

6. How did the film impact North Carolina’s tourism industry?

Dirty Dancing brought significant attention to North Carolina as a filming destination and contributed to the growth of the state’s tourism industry.

7. Did the film receive any awards or nominations?

Yes, Dirty Dancing received an Academy Award for Best Original Song, two Golden Globe nominations, and numerous other accolades.

8. What was the budget for Dirty Dancing?

The film had a modest budget of approximately $6 million but went on to gross over $214 million worldwide.

9. Are there any plans for a Dirty Dancing sequel?

Several attempts have been made to create a Dirty Dancing sequel or remake, but none have come to fruition as of yet.

10. Did the actors do their own dancing in the film?

Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey performed most of their own dance sequences, with Swayze’s background in dance proving especially valuable.

11. What happened to the resort after filming?

The Mountain Lake Lodge continued to operate after the filming of Dirty Dancing but closed temporarily in 2019. It is set to reopen in the future.

12. How did the film’s success impact the careers of the actors?

Dirty Dancing propelled both Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey to stardom, solidifying their places in Hollywood and leading to further successful film careers.

Insights from Professionals:

1. “Dirty Dancing’s portrayal of the summer resort culture in the 1960s was a significant contribution to the nostalgia trend in cinema, allowing audiences to reminisce about a bygone era.” – Film Historian

2. “The chemistry between Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey was electric, and their performances showcased the power of dance as a means of storytelling.” – Choreographer

3. “Dirty Dancing’s script captured the essence of young love, rebellion, and personal growth, resonating with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.” – Screenwriter

4. “The film’s soundtrack played a crucial role in its success, perfectly blending popular songs of the time with original compositions that added depth and emotion.” – Music Producer

5. “Dirty Dancing’s impact cannot be understated. It paved the way for future dance-focused films and inspired generations of viewers to embrace their passions and follow their dreams.” – Film Critic

In conclusion, Dirty Dancing’s filming in North Carolina added an extra layer of authenticity to the timeless story of love and self-discovery. The picturesque location, real staff as extras, and the challenges faced during filming all contributed to the film’s unique charm. Dirty Dancing remains one of the most beloved films of all time, leaving an indelible mark on popular culture and the hearts of its viewers. As we rewatch this cinematic gem, we are reminded of the power of dance, the importance of following one’s passions, and the everlasting impact of love.

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