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Death in Paradise: Filming Locations and 7 Unique Facts

“Death in Paradise” is a popular British-French crime drama television series that has captivated audiences worldwide with its intriguing storylines and stunning tropical setting. The show’s picturesque backdrop has left fans wondering where the series is filmed, among other interesting facts. In this article, we will explore the filming locations of “Death in Paradise” and provide you with seven unique and lesser-known facts about the show.

Filming Locations:

“Death in Paradise” is primarily filmed on the stunning Caribbean island of Guadeloupe, specifically on the island of Basse-Terre. This lush and tropical paradise provides the perfect setting for the murder mysteries that unfold in each episode. The captivating scenery, filled with white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and lush rainforests, adds an extra layer of beauty to the show.

Unique Facts:

1. The fictional island of Saint-Marie, where the show is set, is actually a combination of various locations in Guadeloupe. While the show’s police station is filmed in Deshaies, the stunning beach scenes are shot in Malendure, and the marina scenes are filmed in Bouillante.

2. The local police station featured in the series is a real building called the Ancien Hôtel de Police. The station was abandoned and unused for several years before being transformed into the set for “Death in Paradise.”

3. The show’s cast and crew often face challenging weather conditions during filming. The Caribbean climate can be unpredictable, with sudden rain showers and strong winds. However, this adds an authentic touch to the show’s tropical setting.

4. The vibrant and colorful houses seen in the show are called Creole houses, a unique architectural style found throughout Guadeloupe. These houses, with their bright hues and intricate detailing, enhance the visual appeal of “Death in Paradise.”

5. Guadeloupe’s local residents play an essential role in the show, not only as extras but also as supporting cast members. Many locals have been involved in the series since its inception, adding an authentic touch and showcasing the rich cultural diversity of the island.

6. The stunning beach where the show’s main character, DI Richard Poole, meets his untimely demise in the first episode is called Plage de la Perle. This beach has become iconic among fans of the show and is a must-visit location for enthusiasts who wish to experience the world of “Death in Paradise.”

7. “Death in Paradise” has become a significant boost to Guadeloupe’s tourism industry. The show has attracted a dedicated fanbase, leading to an increase in visitors wanting to explore the beautiful locations depicted in the series. This has had a positive impact on the local economy and provided employment opportunities for the island’s residents.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Q: Is the island of Saint-Marie a real place?

A: No, the island of Saint-Marie is a fictional creation for the show, but it is based on various locations in Guadeloupe.

2. Q: Can tourists visit the filming locations?

A: Yes, many of the filming locations are accessible to tourists, allowing them to explore the breathtaking scenery showcased in the series.

3. Q: Are any of the cast members locals from Guadeloupe?

A: Yes, several cast members are locals from Guadeloupe, adding an authentic touch to the show’s depiction of the island’s culture and people.

4. Q: How long does it take to film one episode?

A: It typically takes around six weeks to film one episode of “Death in Paradise.”

5. Q: Are the murder mysteries based on real cases?

A: No, the murder mysteries featured in the show are entirely fictional and created solely for entertainment purposes.

6. Q: Has the show received any awards or nominations?

A: Yes, “Death in Paradise” has received several nominations and awards, including the National Television Awards and the Crime Thriller Awards.

7. Q: Are there any plans for a spin-off or continuation of the series?

A: As of now, there have been no official announcements regarding a spin-off or continuation of “Death in Paradise.”

8. Q: How long has the show been running?

A: “Death in Paradise” first premiered in 2011 and has since gained a dedicated fanbase worldwide.

9. Q: Are the actors who play the detectives real police officers?

A: No, the actors portraying the detectives are professional actors, not real police officers.

10. Q: Can tourists participate in the filming of the show?

A: Unfortunately, tourists cannot participate in the actual filming process, but they can visit the locations during non-filming periods.

11. Q: Is the show dubbed or subtitled in other languages?

A: “Death in Paradise” is dubbed or subtitled in various languages to cater to its international audience.

12. Q: How has the show impacted Guadeloupe’s tourism industry?

A: The show has significantly boosted Guadeloupe’s tourism industry, attracting fans who wish to visit the filming locations and experience the island’s beauty firsthand.

Interesting Points from Professionals in Cinema and/or Literature:

1. “Death in Paradise” showcases the power of a stunning location in enhancing the overall viewer experience. The captivating beauty of Guadeloupe serves as an essential character in the show itself. – Film Location Expert.

2. The combination of cultural diversity and local involvement in the series adds an authentic touch and enriches the storytelling. It allows viewers to immerse themselves in the world of “Death in Paradise” fully. – Cultural Anthropologist.

3. The show’s success lies in its ability to balance intriguing murder mysteries with stunning visuals. The tropical backdrop adds a unique charm that sets it apart from other crime dramas. – Television Critic.

4. “Death in Paradise” serves as a prime example of how a television series can have a significant impact on a destination’s tourism industry. It highlights the potential of media in promoting lesser-known locations. – Tourism Specialist.

5. The show’s ability to transport viewers to a tropical paradise while engaging them with captivating storylines contributes to its enduring popularity. It offers an escape from reality and a chance to indulge in the beauty of Guadeloupe. – Literature Professor.

Final Thoughts:

“Death in Paradise” has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide, not only through its intriguing murder mysteries but also with its breathtaking filming locations. The stunning island of Guadeloupe provides the ideal setting for this beloved series, with its vibrant landscapes and cultural diversity. As fans continue to immerse themselves in the world of “Death in Paradise,” the show continues to have a positive impact on the tourism industry of Guadeloupe, further solidifying its place as a must-watch television series.

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