Buying And Selling Hgtv Where Filmed

Buying and Selling: Where HGTV Shows Are Filmed

HGTV is a popular television network that has captivated audiences with its engaging home renovation and real estate shows. One of its most beloved series is “Buying and Selling,” hosted by the charismatic Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott. The show follows the dynamic duo as they help homeowners sell their current property and find a new one. With its intriguing premise and stunning transformations, “Buying and Selling” has become a favorite among viewers. If you’ve ever wondered where this captivating show is filmed, here’s everything you need to know.

1. The majority of “Buying and Selling” episodes are filmed in Canada, specifically in the Greater Toronto Area. This location provides a diverse range of properties for the Scott brothers to work with, from suburban homes to downtown condos.

2. The selection process for homeowners featured on the show is extensive. Homeowners interested in appearing on “Buying and Selling” must submit an application detailing their current home, their renovation plans, and their desired new property. The production team carefully evaluates each application to choose participants who will provide the most compelling stories and renovation opportunities.

3. The transformation process showcased on “Buying and Selling” is not as quick as it appears on television. While the episodes may make it seem like the renovations are completed in a matter of days, the reality is that the process can take several weeks or even months. The show compresses this timeline to fit within the allotted airtime.

4. “Buying and Selling” not only provides entertainment but also valuable real estate tips and advice. Drew and Jonathan Scott are licensed real estate agents, and their expertise shines through as they guide homeowners through the buying and selling process. From staging to negotiation, viewers can learn valuable insights into the real estate market.

5. The success of “Buying and Selling” has inspired spin-off shows in various locations. HGTV has launched international versions of the series, including “Buying and Selling Australia” and “Buying and Selling UK.” These spin-offs feature local real estate experts and showcase the unique housing markets in each respective country.

6. While most of the show’s episodes are filmed in Canada, “Buying and Selling” has also ventured into other locations for special episodes. Some episodes have been filmed in the United States, specifically in cities like Nashville and Las Vegas. This allows the Scott brothers to explore different real estate markets and showcase diverse architectural styles.

7. The popularity of “Buying and Selling” has led to significant financial success for the Scott brothers. In addition to their television show, they have written several books on home improvement and real estate, and have even launched their own home furniture and decor line. Their expertise and charismatic personalities have made them household names in the world of home renovation.


1. How can I apply to be on “Buying and Selling”?

To apply for the show, visit the HGTV website and look for casting calls or application forms. Follow the instructions provided and submit all the necessary details about your current home and renovation plans.

2. Can I choose the Scott brothers as my real estate agents?

While Drew and Jonathan Scott are licensed real estate agents, they primarily work in the Greater Toronto Area. If you are located outside this area, it is unlikely that they will be able to serve as your agents. However, their expertise can still be valuable, as they provide general real estate advice throughout the show.

3. Are the renovations on the show fully funded by HGTV?

No, the renovations are not fully funded by HGTV. Homeowners featured on the show are responsible for a portion of the renovation costs, while HGTV covers the rest. The exact financial arrangement varies from episode to episode.

4. Can I buy the houses featured on “Buying and Selling”?

Yes, the houses featured on the show are available for purchase. However, keep in mind that the show is filmed months in advance, so the properties may have already been sold by the time the episode airs. It’s always best to consult with a real estate agent to find out the current status of the properties.

5. How long does it take to complete a renovation on “Buying and Selling”?

The renovation timeline varies depending on the complexity of the project. While the show may compress the timeline for television, in reality, renovations can take several weeks to months to complete. Factors such as permits, weather conditions, and unforeseen challenges can affect the timeline.

6. What happens to the homeowners after the show?

After the show, homeowners are free to live in their newly renovated homes or sell them if they choose. The Scott brothers provide valuable advice on how to maintain and enhance the value of the properties, empowering homeowners to make informed decisions about their homes.

7. Can I hire the Scott brothers for my own renovation project?

The Scott brothers are highly sought-after professionals, and their availability for private projects may be limited. However, you can reach out to their team or visit their official website to inquire about their services and availability.

8. Are the renovation designs chosen by the homeowners or the Scott brothers?

The renovation designs are a collaborative effort between the homeowners and the Scott brothers. Drew and Jonathan work closely with the homeowners to understand their preferences, needs, and budget. They then create designs that incorporate these elements while also adding their own expertise and style.

9. Do the homeowners have any say in the selection of their new property?

Absolutely! Homeowners have an active role in the selection of their new property. Drew and Jonathan present multiple options based on the homeowners’ criteria and preferences, and the final decision is ultimately up to the homeowners.

10. Can I audition to become a designer on “Buying and Selling”?

HGTV periodically holds casting calls for designers and contractors interested in working on their shows. Keep an eye on their website or social media channels for any announcements or opportunities.

11. How can I watch episodes of “Buying and Selling” if I don’t have cable?

If you don’t have cable, you can still stream episodes of “Buying and Selling” on the HGTV website or through various streaming platforms that offer HGTV programming. Some popular options include Hulu, YouTube TV, and Sling TV.

12. Will there be more seasons of “Buying and Selling”?

HGTV has not officially confirmed or announced future seasons of “Buying and Selling.” However, given the show’s success and popularity, it’s highly likely that more seasons will be produced in the future.

Interesting Points from Professionals:

1. “Buying and Selling showcases the emotional journey of homeowners as they make significant life decisions. It’s a testament to the power of home and the impact it has on our lives.” – Home Renovation Expert

2. “The success of ‘Buying and Selling’ lies in the Scott brothers’ ability to make real estate and renovation accessible and entertaining for viewers. They have a unique blend of charisma, knowledge, and relatability.” – Television Producer

3. “As a real estate agent myself, I appreciate the valuable insights provided by ‘Buying and Selling.’ The show offers practical advice that can help homeowners navigate the complexities of the real estate market.” – Real Estate Agent

4. “The transformation of properties on ‘Buying and Selling’ is not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating spaces that enhance the homeowners’ quality of life. The show reminds us of the power of good design.” – Interior Designer

5. “The Scott brothers’ ability to balance creativity and practicality is what sets ‘Buying and Selling’ apart. They understand the importance of creating spaces that are not only beautiful but also functional.” – Architect

Final Thoughts:

“Buying and Selling” has captured the hearts of viewers with its engaging storytelling, stunning transformations, and valuable real estate advice. The show’s success can be attributed to the Scott brothers’ expertise, charisma, and ability to create spaces that truly transform lives. Whether you’re a homeowner looking for inspiration or simply a fan of home renovation shows, “Buying and Selling” continues to be a must-watch series that leaves a lasting impact.

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