Apryl Jones Dating History

Apryl Jones Dating History: 7 Interesting Facts

Apryl Jones, a well-known reality TV star and singer, has captivated audiences with her beauty and talent. Over the years, she has been linked to several high-profile relationships, making headlines and sparking curiosity among fans. In this article, we will delve into Apryl Jones’ dating history, exploring seven fascinating facts about her romantic life.

1. Relationship with Omarion:

Apryl Jones first rose to prominence when she started dating R&B singer Omarion in 2012. The couple’s relationship was highly publicized, with fans adoring their on-screen chemistry in the reality TV show “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.” They share two children together, Megaa Omari Grandberry, born in 2014, and A’mei Kazuko Grandberry, born in 2016.

2. Split from Omarion:

In 2016, Apryl Jones and Omarion announced their separation, shocking their fans. While the exact reasons for the split remain undisclosed, rumors circulated about differences in priorities and conflicting schedules. Despite the breakup, Apryl and Omarion have maintained an amicable co-parenting relationship, prioritizing their children’s well-being.

3. Relationship with Lil Fizz:

Following her breakup with Omarion, Apryl Jones began dating rapper and fellow “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” cast member, Lil Fizz. Their relationship raised eyebrows and sparked controversy, as Lil Fizz is Omarion’s former bandmate and close friend. Their romance caused tensions within their social circle and garnered significant media attention.

4. Breakup with Lil Fizz:

Despite initially capturing the public’s attention, Apryl Jones’ relationship with Lil Fizz eventually came to an end. The couple’s split was marked by rumors of infidelity and irreconcilable differences. However, Apryl has maintained a positive outlook, focusing on her career and personal growth.

5. Dating Life After Lil Fizz:

Apryl Jones has been relatively private about her dating life following her breakup with Lil Fizz. However, rumors have surfaced about her being in casual relationships, enjoying her newfound independence, and dedicating more time to her children and professional endeavors.

6. Musical Career:

Apart from her appearances on reality TV shows, Apryl Jones is a talented singer. She has showcased her vocal abilities on various platforms, including her debut single “Should’ve Known Betta” released in 2019. Apryl has expressed her passion for music and her desire to pursue a successful career in the industry.

7. Entrepreneurial Ventures and Net Worth:

In addition to her entertainment career, Apryl Jones has ventured into entrepreneurship. She has successfully launched her own beauty and skincare line, catering to the needs of her devoted followers. As of 2024, Apryl Jones’ net worth is estimated to be around $3 million, a testament to her hard work and diverse business ventures.

Common Questions about Apryl Jones:

1. How old is Apryl Jones?

Apryl Jones was born on December 15, 1986. As of 2024, she is 37 years old.

2. What is Apryl Jones’ height and weight?

Apryl Jones stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall (173 cm) and weighs approximately 135 pounds (61 kg).

3. What is Apryl Jones’ net worth?

As of 2024, Apryl Jones’ net worth is estimated to be around $3 million.

4. How many children does Apryl Jones have?

Apryl Jones has two children, Megaa Omari Grandberry and A’mei Kazuko Grandberry, from her previous relationship with Omarion.

5. Is Apryl Jones still dating Lil Fizz?

No, Apryl Jones and Lil Fizz broke up after their relationship faced numerous challenges and rumors of infidelity.

6. What reality TV shows has Apryl Jones appeared on?

Apryl Jones gained fame through her appearances on “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.”

7. Does Apryl Jones have any musical releases?

Yes, Apryl Jones released her debut single “Should’ve Known Betta” in 2019, showcasing her vocal talents.

8. Are Apryl Jones and Omarion still on good terms?

Apryl Jones and Omarion have maintained an amicable co-parenting relationship despite their separation.

9. Does Apryl Jones have any upcoming projects?

As of now, Apryl Jones has not announced any specific upcoming projects. However, she continues to explore opportunities in the entertainment industry.

10. What is Apryl Jones’ ethnicity?

Apryl Jones is of mixed ethnicity, with her father being African-American and her mother of French and Moroccan descent.

11. Has Apryl Jones won any awards for her music?

Although Apryl Jones has garnered attention for her musical talents, she has not received any major awards to date.

12. How does Apryl Jones balance her career and motherhood?

Apryl Jones prioritizes her children’s well-being and dedicates time to her career while ensuring a healthy work-life balance.

13. What inspired Apryl Jones to create her beauty and skincare line?

Apryl Jones recognized her followers’ interest in her personal beauty routines and launched her own line to cater to their needs.

14. Does Apryl Jones have any plans for a music tour?

As of now, Apryl Jones has not announced any plans for a music tour. However, fans eagerly await updates on her musical endeavors.

15. What are Apryl Jones’ future aspirations?

Apryl Jones aims to continue expanding her entrepreneurial ventures, exploring opportunities in the music industry, and nurturing her personal growth.

In summary, Apryl Jones has had a dynamic dating history, capturing the public’s attention with her high-profile relationships. From her long-term partnership with Omarion to her controversial romance with Lil Fizz, Apryl has navigated the challenges of love in the public eye. As she focuses on her musical aspirations, entrepreneurship, and raising her children, fans eagerly await Apryl Jones’ next chapter, anticipating her continued success and personal growth in the years to come.

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