Meet Mr. Alan Medina Navaez

Movement Therapy Advocate-Performer, Choreographer, director

Alan D. Medina Narvaez is an MJ Warrior (Dancer) / former Dance Captain
of the Michael Jackson One by Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, NV. With 8 years of experience he has participate on America’s Best Dance Crew Season 6, America’s Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, Hip Hop International and currently in Cirque du Soleil. He has also, within Cirque du Soleil, participate as Artistic Director of the A Choreographer’s Showcase 2017 show in collaboration with the Nevada Ballet Theater, choreograph sections of the Michael Jackson’s Blood in the Dance Floor video, choreograph sections for the Miss USA 2017 entrance piece, among others.

For acquire all these experiences and dance knowledge he trained in his
natal country, Puerto Rico, and outside of it. In Puerto Rico, he was part of
dance school’s faculties and taught Hip-Hop and Popping. He was also constantly training with his crew, 787, in different urban techniques such as: Acrobatics, Tricking, Breakdance, House and others. When he got in College, he was part of the University Dance Team and compete with them at UDA (National Dance Team Championship) in the jazz division and hip-hop division. This perseverance and training are what makes him grow and be better everyday in what he has always love and feel passionate in: Dance.

Now, when he is not performing at MJONE, he enjoys teaching Hip-Hop-
Workshops to all level/age dancers at different academies in Las Vegas, NV as well as working with different projects such as fundraising events with Autism
Coalition of Nevada.