“Learning is not the product of teaching. Learning is the product of the activity of learners.”– John Holt

Our belief is that children’s thirst for learning is undeniable but, that there exists for some challenges that interfere with their learning process. In 2020, those challenges were heightened when the pandemic abruptly compromised for some and ended for others, the options for attending school physically. For some households, it means unsafe and unhealthy spaces without the refuge the school building, teachers, and resources provides.

Socioeconomics and environments not conducive to learning threaten to impair the learning process for students who are already underserved. Every organization invested in youth has been required to re-think and re-invent and re-imagine how we serve our children and youth.

Virtual Services

Our response to COVID-19 is to take this opportunity to support youth throughout this traumatic time with virtual programs that supplement their day. We will maintain our commitment to mix play into the process of building resilience. Additionally, we are excited to announce the following virtual programs:

At the center of all we do, the ultimate goal is to heal.


Our Virtual Services are currently in partnership with Detroit Academy of Arts & Sciences and students who attend the Academy.