Brittni A-M Kellom, Executive Director & Visionary

Certified Advanced Trauma & Resilience Practitioner

A proud Detroit native, Brittni Kellom, founded Just Speak as a junior in high school with the understanding that because trauma is remembered in the body first, one of the best prescriptions for healing is movement and intentionally teaching coping as a high-level skill. She is a Certified Trauma and Movement Practitioner and has been consulting and training groups since 2006. Passionate and innovative, her expertise lies in her personal story as an incest survivor which drives her work in building trauma informed environments–especially youth-centered spaces.

Awards & Honors

  • Among 14 Fellows selected to attend the 1st U.S. Red Bull Amaphiko Academy for Social Entrepreneurs in 2017.
  • President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for her lifelong commitment to building a stronger nation through her volunteer service.
  • 2016 Governor’s Outstanding Volunteer Service Award;
  • 2015 Detroit Young Professionals Vanguard Award;
  • City of Detroit’s Distinguished Service Award.

Within her position as Founder and ED of Just Speak, Inc., Brittni developed                    MOVE™, a movement therapy program. Currently, Ms. Kellom is a trauma advocate for domestic violence and sexual assault survivors in a Michigan law clinic. She is a certified trauma practitioner and doula. To learn more about Brittni and her professional services, please visit her website.

Your donations will assist in behavior modification training and relaxation materials, and incentives for the classes and students she monitors. To donate click here.

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