Meet the Executive Director



Brittni Kellom is the founder and executive director of Just Speak Inc.®, an advocacy organization that supports victims of sexual assault, child abuse and neglect.   Ms. Kellom was sexually and emotionally abused by her biological father for 4 years. The emotional impact of this experience immediately changed the trajectory of Brittni’s life from compassionate scholar to passionate activist and youth advocate.
At 17, Brittni  committed herself as an advocate, speaker and activist. She delivers her message through training, speaking, and mentoring from the perspective of a survivor.

“As a survivor, it is my charge to facilitate awareness about the scarring problem of child sexual abuse. From ages 5 to 18, I encourage peer to peer education, running workshops on appropriate touch, intimate partner violence, the healing process, legal options, and self-reflection. I am an advocate for those that begin to tell their story but more importantly I, along with the volunteers of Just Speak, Inc., serve as the voice and physical expression of a quiet survivor’s courage. We: Silence the Pain.”

Ms. Kellom is among 14 Fellows selected to attend the 1st U.S. Red Bull Amaphiko Academy for Social Entrepreneurs in August 2017. In 2016, Brittni was honored with the President’s Lifetime Achievement Award for her lifelong commitment to building a stronger nation through her volunteer service. In the past, she has accepted the 2016 Governor’s Outstanding Volunteer Service Award ; and is a recipient of the 2015 Detroit Young Professionals Vanguard Award; 2015-16 CEW Ruth Jeanette Buttrey Scholar; 1st recipient of University of Michigan’s Black Business Undergraduate Society Scholarship; and a recipient of the City of Detroit’s Distinguished Service Award. Under her leadership, Just Speak received the 2013 Playworks Game Changer Award in the category of Respect. She has worked with children with a history of abuse in a residential environment; as well as in various school systems. Brittni was recently recognized as one of the millennials impacting Detroit by Huffington Post.

Within her position as Founder and ED of Just Speak, Inc.,  Brittni developed OutLOUD™, a resiliency and trauma curriculum. Currently, Ms. Kellom provides resources and behavior intervention in a Detroit Public School.

Your donations will assist in behavior modification training and relaxation materials, and incentives for the classes and students she monitors. To donate click here.




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