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Catherine Ferguson Appreciation Day with mentee Miss Shy’ya and the Coordinator Hui-Ling Malone! It was a pleasure to mentor this beautiful spirit and share in her journey. Thank you for the extraordinary opportunity and a fun afternoon These advocates truly go beyond for their young ladies and children…

Brittni @ Catherine FergusonBrittni @ Catherine Ferguson3


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“Kudos 2014-06-03 21.08.35and thanks to you Ms. Kellom! Your expertise, diligence, boundless patience, tenacity, and good humor are having a positive impact on our young ladies in the middle school.We appreciate all you’re doing ‘Ms. Brittni’!!” -Sheree Burns and June Teisan, Team Leaders – HWMS

The Chris Massey Show mentors to the middle school boys!

Middle school girls @ Harper Woods Chris Massey @ Harper Woods    Chris Massey @ Harper Woods2